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Planets and Diet

   Planets influence human beings in many ways. Moon is said to influence blood flow, hormones and mind. Mars is said to influence digestion, muscles and blood production. Mercury affects the skin and nervous system. Saturn influences hair, bones and teeth. Sun influences eyes, heart and stamina. Venus influences kidneys, bladder and private organs. Jupiter is said to influence thighs, pancreas and ears.

   Most people ask for gemstones and mantras to aid weak planets but they never ask the basics as to which diet should they follow to aid weak planets. Diet aids fight against effect of weak planets. Pulses are by far the best known remedies to aid weak planets. They need to be consumed and donated in order to help lessen effects of weak planets.

No Pluses To Aid Weak Moon

   There are no known pulses which are associated with Moon. But Milk especially Cow's Milk, Ghee which is heated butter as well as Rice are said to aid effects rising from bad Moon. Consuming fermented curd-rice also aids a weak Moon. All of them contain high levels of Calcium as well as Protein. Consuming boiled chick peas, spinach, broccoli and other green vegetable may also lessen affects of weak Moon.

Pulses which Aid Weak Mars

   Mars influences digestion, muscles and blood production. A weak Mars is sure to cause digestion problems. In this scenario the best pulse to consume is Yellow Lentils known as Split Mung Dal or Mung Dal in India. Mung Dal is a rich source of dietary fiber and consuming them regularly would aid weak digestion. They are also known to increase Red Blood Cells Count in the body. People with weak Mars also complain of lower body energy. Mung Dal are excellent source of Iron and help increase body energy while being light enough to digest. Those with weak Mars must consume Yellow Lentils regularly.

Pulses which Aid Weak Mercury and Rahu

   Both Mercury and Rahu are known to cause neurological disorders. The best food to aid such problem are Sprouted Mung Beans or Mung Beans. Both of them are rich in Protein. Mung Beans have been known to combat tumors and aid RNA Molecules. It is high in Iron and Fiber which aids digestion, increase energy and prevent constipation. Mung Bean also helps tackle inflammation and other skin problems. Those with weak Mercury or Rahu should make it a rule to consume large quantities of Mung Beans or Sprouted Mung Beans.

Pulses which Aid Weak Jupiter

   Weak Jupiter causes obesity and bulking of thigh muscles. Chana Dal also known as Bengal Split Gram is the best food among pulses to aid weak Jupiter. It reduces cholesterol levels and helps fights obesity. It is also rich in Protein and Iron while being low on fats. It also helps fights constipation and clears the digestive tract. Products and Foods made from Bengal Split Gram should be consumed regularly by those with weak Jupiter.

Pulses to Aid Weak Venus

   Venus causes kidney problems, problems with sexual organs as well as diabetes or other sugar related problems. Roasted Chick Peas or Boiled Chick Peas along with Jaggery are ideal food to be consumed for those with weak Venus. Roasted Chickpeas along with Jaggery also aid problems related to sugar and increase energy.

Pulses to Aid Weak Saturn

   Saturn affects the bones, teeth and lower part of feet. It also causes problems with nerves and tendons. The best food for Saturn are Black Urad Daal also known as Black Lentils. Black Urad Daal are rich in Calcium, Potassium and Magnesium which aid strong bones and teeth. Those with weak Saturn must make it a point to consume Black Urad in sufficient quantity.


   Pulses and Diets are great way to aid weak affects of planets. If consumed regularly and in sufficient quantity then the health complications associated with weak planets are sure to go away or lessen. Also future more troublesome diseases are kept in check by regular consumption of diets especially pulses which aid weak planets.

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