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     Eight House is the house of death, despair and long term disesases. Venus is the planet who loves to enjoy luxuries and romance. House of Death and Despair is a very bad placement for Venus. Multiple marriages or affairs are more then likely. 

    Venus in Eight House gives a marriage partner who comes from a wealthy background. Natives with Venus in Eight House have been observed to have multiple marriages or affairs outside of marriage. Its not always the case but the scenario has been observed in quite a few horoscopes. Venus rules romance while Eight House rules death and despair. Natives with Venus in Eight House see death of relationship many times in their life. One could say that the heavens have decreed them to have failures in relationship and learn lessons from it.

     There are positives to everything. Venus in Eight House is no exception. In Eight House, Venus provides abundant wealth and luxuries. Natives can invest in gold, banks and monetary schemes and get great returns for their investments. Inheritance could also be great. Native can be part of a privy cult who love trying the forbidden pleasures of life which provide ectasy and entertainment. Native generally has fair share of romance and sensual pleasures generally with multiple partners. 

     According to B. V. Raman: "Those with Venus in Eight House are blessed with abundant wealth and luxuries. But they do see their fair share of disappointments early in life. Later they may try ascetism if disappointments in life take a toll on them. They may have to live under subordination if Venus is in weak condition".

      Venus in Eight House isn't the best placement for a natural benefic. There are positives like abundant wealth, good amout of romance as well as living a luxurious life but on the downside there are disappointments in relationships, chances of multiple marriages, dangers of catching a venereal disease as well as getting fed up of life and turning towards ascetism. 

     Those who have seen their break-ups and disappointments in relationships are advised to work out differences and stay loyal to their partners. An afflicted Venus increases chances of bankruptcy. In these cases its necessary to save money and control expenditures on luxury items. Prayers to Goddess Laxmi are favored. 


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