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     Seventh House belongs to Venus. Seventh House looks after business, patnerships, contracts and marriage. Venus in Seventh House is great for marriage and business. With Venus in Seventh House, marriage partner is beautiful, fashionable, sensual and wealthy. There is happiness, enjoyment and pleasures derived from marriage partner. 

     Venus placed in Seventh House does Karak Bhavo Nashya. This Sanskrit sentence roughly translates to "Significator of house placed in its own house destroys the fruits associated with the house". To simplify it: Venus gives romance, luxuries and wealth in abundance. But abundance of anything always creates problems. Abundance of sugar consumption causes diabetes, abundance of fatty foods causes heart diseases. Similarly the need for romance and ectasy often drives natives to try extra-marital affairs. The need to be trendy and fashionable often drives the native to collect an unpayable debt. 

     The positives of Venus in Seventh House far outweigh the negatives. Business is profitable and thriving especially business related to sugar-cane, candy or sugar factories. Diamond and jewelry business can also flourish. So can business related to fashion, clothing and clothing accessories. Native can also earn a fortune by selling paintings and other designer items. Native can also earn via acting and entertainment industry.. Native can also earn via medicines, medical procedures especially related to body enhancements or via selling medical equipments. 

     Marriage partner is source of happiness and satisfaction in life. Partner posseses both beauty and brains. To top it he/she comes from a wealthy background and increases reputation of native after marriage. According to B. V. Raman: "Natives with Venus in Seventh House are sensual and passionate. They are charming and suave which makes them popular with the opposite sex. They can suffer from venereal diseases or loss of virility due to over-indulgence in sexual pleasures.". 

     Seventh House rules over kidney, intestines and sexual organs. Venus is a horse without a lease and is unable to put limits on indulgence. There is always a chance to catch a venereal disease if native is involved with more then one person. So natives are advised to use precautions when indulging in sensual pleasures. 

     Venus in Seventh House is generally a blessing. There are some who need to learn self-control. For them Gayatri Mantra and prayers to Goddess Santoshi Maa do the trick. Also there is need for regular pranayam. Chick peas help keep disease like diabetes away so consuming them is also advisable. Natives must also learn to save money as well as stay away from unprotected sex to avoid troubles later.  


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