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     Sixth House is the house of debts, disease and poverty. Venus is the planet who loves luxuries, sensual pleasures and over-spending. Venus in Sixth House is a warning sign from Gods not to be over-indulgent and spendthrift. Its the gateway to hell if you don't heed the warning. 

     If having Jupiter in Sixth House is considered bad then Venus in Sixth House is a disaster. Cause Venus is a horse without a lease. Venus doesn't understand limits and boundaries. Venus was born to enjoy luxuries and sensual pleasures to the fullest. Sixth House just so happens to be the house which doesn't quite agree with Venus. If Venus is a hi-speed sports car then Sixth House is the rough and patchy road with lots and lots of speed brakers. If you drive too fast on that rough and patchy road then you ruin your brand new sports car. Similarly if you don't practise limits on indulgence and don't put restrictions on sensual pleasures then you would see debts, disease, poverty and misery for sure. 

     Its not all that scary picture. There are positives of having Venus in Sixth House. One can be an excellent musician, singer, model, artists, fashion or ornament designer. Most of the times it is employment under someone or under a service contract cause Sixth House also rules employment in service sector. One can be an excellent animal breeder as well.

     But its more then likely that the negatives outweigh the positives. In worse cases Venus in Sixth House causes multiple marriages and divorces, makes a sex addict and even causes diabetes. Venus rules over sweetness and Sixth House rules disease. Its only natural that diabetes frequently occurs with Venus in Sixth House. Venus also rules over STD(sexually transmitted diseases) and natives are advised to engage in safe sex to prevent catching STD. Venus in Sixth House can also make for a drug addict. 

     If you have problems from Venus afflicted in Sixth House then its best to fast(eat only once/upvas) on Friday's consuming nothing but chick peas and jaggery. Chick peas are known to be good for diabetes and jaggery helps detox the body, relieve constipation and also aids digestion. Its absolutely necessary to stay away from drugs and unsafe sex. There is also a necessity to put limits on consumption of sugar and sweet foods. 

      Above all its nice to pray to Goddess Santoshi Maa as she is the Goddess who blesses natives with satisfaction and contentment. Also reciting the Bhagwad Gita especially Chapter 2 Verses  54 to 72 provide good benefits. Prayers to Lord Shiva are also ideal. He is the God of disenchantment, the Adi Yogi who desires nothing and is forever content. Venus known as Shukracharya in old vedic tests is himself a devotee of Lord Shiva.

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