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     When the planet of romance and passion(Venus) is in house of romance(Fifth House) then one can expect love and romance to surge and take precedence over other things in life. Problem is everything else like career, marriage, personal well-being and other important things in life take a back-seater.

      Venus in Fifth House is a recipe for disaster especially the love life. If there is any influence of Mars via placement or aspect then native is a flirt and prone to extra-marital affairs. Yes love, romance and passion are at the zenith but care, trust and loyalty are minimum. If there is influence of Saturn, Mars, Rahu, Ketu or Sun then one can expect break-ups from love interest. It could wreck the concerned native both physically and emotionally. Its a recipe for disaster so to speak. 

     But there are bright side to everything. Venus in Fifth House blesses the native with beautiful and loving daughters. Native whether a male or female is popular and is generally well received in social circles. Native is fond of parties, movies, theatre, arts and entertainment. If there is connection with Career House(Tenth House) or Service House(Sixth House) then native can earn a good amount of income and popularity via parties, movies, theatre, arts and entertainment. There can be gains in stock markets and gambling provided there is calculated risk.

     Any connection of Venus in Fifth House with Seventh House lord is an indication that native would marry his/her love interest and lead a happy and prosperous life with his partner. A bad habit of Venus in Fifth House is their over-splurging on gambling and stock markets. They generally love to take risks with their money. Sometimes it pays off while other times it doesn't. It sometimes pays to have calculative Mercury, wise Jupiter, ambitious Sun, pessimist Saturn or Ketu alongside Venus in Fifth House. Having Mars or Rahu alongside Venus in Fifth House is an indication that native whether a male or female is a horse without a lease. They would go to any lengths to satisfy their desires and ecstasy. 

     Venus in Fifth House is great for love and romance. But love isn't everything in life. That is why there is a need to curb some of the tendencies associated with Venus in Fifth House. Prayers to Goddess Santoshi Maa are the best. She is the goddess who deals with satisfaction and contentment. Also prayers to Goddess Laxmi or Lord Krishna are ideal. One must do pranayam especially Bhramri Pranayam and Anulom Vilom for inducing self discipline.

     There would always be times in life when a little self-discipline would be required. During those times of life are when natives with Venus in Fifth House need to put loyalty before impulses.

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