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     Venus in Fourth House is in the house of his friend Moon. This placement is one of the best placements for Venus. If Venus is in good condition then there is guaranteed happiness in old age. Native is blessed with riches, land, luxuries and vehicles.

     Venus in Fourth House is like a guarantee card for happy and successful life. As long as bad planets do not influence Venus, native would be a blessed soul. Venus is the planet of love and Fourth House represents the mother. Mother is the epitome of genuine love, care and concern. If Moon also happens to be with Venus then the mother could be compared to a Goddess herself who showers all the love and affection on the native. 

     Education for native is great as long as malefics don't influence. Career may also be good although it may not be that steady if malefics like Mars, Saturn or Sun are co-tenants with Venus. Career could involve singing, dancing, music, arts, fashion, perfumes or related accessories. Natives could also try acting as a career especially if native is a female. Native lives in a mansion or big house and has all the luxuries at his/her disposal. They receive love and affection from parents and are blessed with happiness and creativity. If native is a male then spouse may come attracted to property, comforts or vehicles at his disposal. On the downside though if malefics are co-tenants then native could face problems with parents especially the father. 

    According to B. V. Raman native with Venus in Fourth House is a good musician, has polished manners, has deep attachment to mother, has many friends as well as land property. 

     Venus in Fourth House is generally a great placement unless with malefics. In case it is with malefics then frictions with father, instability in career as well as bad bosses are a possibility. Otherwise there is happiness, success and luxuries guaranteed in life. In case of afflicted Venus native should pray to Lord Shiva or Goddess Laxmi. 

Raman, Bangalore Venkata. How to Judge a Horoscope. Delhi: Motilal Banarsidass, 2014. Print.

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