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     Ninth House governs spirituality and higher learning. Jupiter is the lord of Ninth House. Venus does remarkably well in Ninth House inspite it being the house of his enemy. Reason is simple: Venus is a horse without a lease. Ninth House puts restrictions via religious ideology and family legacy which a native loves to preserve. Natives feel the need to put boundary on self-indulgence and this usually works in their favor. Lord Ram was born with Venus in Ninth House. 

     Ninth House deals with offshore business and long distance travels. Venus in a strong condition is sure to ensure that native gets to travel a lot and has profits via those travels. If Sun happens to be strong in Career House then native could very well be head of a MNC. Ninth House also represents religion, spirituality and higher learning. Unfortunately all of them take a back-seater. Venus loves romance, fashion, music and show-off. Its just not possible for Venus to appreciate the spiritual aspects of Ninth House. Venus only loves the travel and strong legacy part if any. 

     For a male, Venus in Ninth House gives good chances of meeting future spouse while traveling to a foreign country. Spouse may even be of foreign origin. There are always chances of starting an off-shore business if Venus is in good condition. Venus can make native a foreign diplomat who enjoys life on foreign shores. Also there are chances of visiting foreign countries for higher education related to arts, design or other creative field. Ninth House rules fortune and luck. Venus represents females. Native both male and female can gain via females, selling female products and catering to the needs of females.

     According to B. V. Raman, native with Venus in Ninth House is : "Fortunate who is blessed with fame, good education, good spouse and children. Sun with Venus makes one smooth and refined in speech. Venus and Saturn in Ninth House could make for a diplomat."

     Venus in NInth House is generally a good placement irrespective of its strength. Unless there are very bad aspects on it, its not likely to create major troubles in NInth House. If there are any troubles via Venus in Ninth House then prayers to Lord Vishnu are the best. Vishnu is the upholder of Dharma or everything that is righteous. Not to mention he is the other-half of Goddess of wealth. 

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