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     Venus in Tenth House is a great placement as long as there are no malefics influencing it. Tenth House rules career and prestige and is ruled by Sun. Tenth House also signifies youth. Venus in Tenth House guarantees a blissful youth and happiness in old age. 

     Venus is the significator of arts, music, dance, perfumes and sweetness. Venus placed in Career House is a strong indicator of career in arts, fashion industry, jewelry design, music industry, entertainment industry, media or beauty industry. Person can also work in a MNC which specializes in pharmacy or biotechnology. Native can also become a good doctor or surgeon provided Mars, Ketu or Saturn help. Venus also allows setting up sugar factory, sweet and pastry shop. As long as Venus is in good condition native is guaranteed a great career and wonderful rapport with superiors and co-workers. 

     Venus rules over romance and native has high chances of finding life partner at workplace. This holds especially true if native is a male. Natives with Venus in Tenth House get benefits from female colleagues. Venus aspects the Fourth House and blesses native with a beautiful house. If Venus is strong then native could live in a mansion or a palace also. Natives can earn a good income by buying and selling property.

     If Venus is in bad condition or influenced by malefics then career could be unstable and there could be problems with land property. Surprisingly Venus in Tenth House with Saturn, Mars or Ketu who are malefics could give a great career as a doctor or surgeon. One could even become a politician if Venus is involved with Sun, Rahu or Saturn in Tenth House. On the downside there could be unstable income and frequent job changes if Venus is influenced by malefics in Tenth House.

     According to B. V. Raman those with Venus in Tenth House are: "Highly influential, social, friendly and renowned. They can earn via house and property. They get benefits from female co-workers. They can benefit from doing business related to cosmetics and other products used by women. They can have disruption in education".

     Venus in Tenth House is generally a blessing. If native has frequent job change and unstable income due to Venus in Tenth House then he/she needs to pray to Lord Hanuman and recite the Anjaney Gayatri Mantra or Hanuman Chalisa. Natives have chance of finding romance at workplace so those who are married are advised to focus on work at workplace to avoid troubles in married life. 


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