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     Eleventh House is also known as House Of Gains and House of Income. Venus in Eleventh House normally does well. Natives stand to gain from stock markets and female company. There is a huge network of friends and native is generally well-received in social circles. 

      Native loves social circles and spends lavishly on parties and social gatherings. With Venus in Eleventh House there is healthy income. Native gains from selling products and items which are useful to females.Alternatively native can also cater to the needs of female clients and earn a good income. There are chances of profits from stock markets and there can also be chances of earning a fortune via gambling. Venus aspects the Fifth House from its placement in Eleventh House. This aspect of Venus blesses native with beautiful and obedient girls who are source of happiness and prosperity in native's life. 

     If there is Mars in Fifth House or Eleventh House then native stands to be obsessed with love and romance. Chances of native having multiple affairs are not ruled out. If there is any association with Mars then native is advised to be careful in relationships. If there is association with Sun then native can be a successful manager in a MNC. In association with Mercury native can be an artist or accountant. In association with Jupiter native could be a politician or diplomat. Association with Saturn could provide employment in metal industry or engineering possibly electrical and mechanical. Native can also be a successful lawyer or judge. Rahu association with Venus in Eleventh House via aspect or placement is bad. Native has failures in love life and children are a source of worry. Ketu in association with Venus in Eleventh House makes for a good surgeon or doctor. But native is unable to feel comfortable in friends and social circle if Ketu is involved in Eleventh House with Venus. 

     Male natives who are seeking to get married should advertise their interest for matrimonial alliance in a newspaper, matrimonial magazine or website. That would help them find a suitable spouse more quickly. 

     According to B. V. Raman native with Venus in Eleventh House are: "of wandering nature. They make profits via selling items of comforts and luxuries. They would be popular with friends and love the company of women".

     The positives far outweigh the negatives for Venus in Eleventh House. But when Venus is associated with malefics like Mars, Rahu or Ketu then there can be problems. In these cases its necessary to pray to Lord Krishna or Santoshi Maa. Natives should take care not to be involved in extra-marital affairs if Venus is afflicted in Eleventh House. Investing carefully in stock markets gives good profits. But blind investments in stock markets or gambling can result in heavy losses.

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