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     Twelfth House is the house of self-realization, enlightenment and moksha. Unfortunately its also the houses of losses and despair. Venus loves to stay trendy, loves arts, music, sex and other finer things in life. The subtle and artistrocratic Venus fails to understand the spiritual aspects of Twelfth House. Twelfth House maybe ruled by Saturn who happens to be friend of Venus but Venus is not comfortable in the Twelfth House. 

     Venus rules over romance and marriage. Twelfth House rules over losses and despair. There are many instances  observed when natives with Venus in Twelfth House see divorce and multiple marriages. Sun travels very close to Venus in the horoscope and if by chance Sun also happens to be in Twelfth House along with Venus then chances of divorce increase multi-folds for native. Twelfth House also rules over sensual pleasures and physical intimacy. If Venus is in good condition without aspect of malefics in Twelfth House then native is able to enjoy sensual pleasures and physical intimacy to the fullest. In some cases with multiple partners. There are chances of STD and diabetes if Venus is associated with maleficts and Sixth House is also weak.

     Venus in Twelfth House casts an aspect on the Sixth House. Native has a great relationship with both paternal and maternal uncles and aunts and is able to derive lots of benefits from them. There are great chances of getting married and settling down via help of uncle and aunt on both sides. Twelfth House also rules over sleep and dream. With Venus in Twelfth House native can have a good sleep with peaceful dreams. If Venus is afflicted by malefics then native is unable to sleep well and often wakes up due to nightmares. Native can earn a good income via setting up hospitals, charitable trusts, buying a sports team or via animal training and breeding. There is a golden chance to move and settle in exotic foreign lands and live a carefree and happy life. As long as the country travelling to is liberal and enterprising, native would prosper and derive happiness staying there. 

     While there is no possibility of spiritual enlightenment via Venus in Twelfth House there is a golden chance to move and settle abroad in foreign lands. As long as the country migrating to is forward thinking and progressive, natives with Venus in Twelfth House would excel in those conditions. There are chances of STD and diabetes and natives are advised to stay away from unprotected sex and excessive sugar consumption. If Venus is associated with malefics in the Twelfth House then some remedies need to be done to improve its effects.

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