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     Rahu is a poser, a deceit and a fraud. Rahu is a master of illusion and mirage. Modern day view of Rahu is that of a visionary, enterpreneur and out-of-box thinker. With Rahu in First House the native is great at putting on a show, an illusion about himself that enthralls most if not all. The native is mostly an extrovert who loves the good life. He/She is able to charm his way out of troubles and win trust of others with utmost ease. 

    First House signifies the self. It deals with both physical and mental health. Rahu is responsible for creating eclipse and many times it causes eclipse to native's mind. Mental diseases like depression, schizophrenia, anxiety, biopolar disorder and others are not ruled out. Physical disease if any are very hard to diagnose cause Rahu is mysterious. There are lots and lots of medical tests which needs to be conducted to get to the root of the problem. In personal life Rahu in First House presents a grave threat to marriage life. Many times natives first marriage ends up in divorce. Rahu can also lead to bad personal choices which can cause irrepairable personal and financial losses. Rahu with Moon, Mars or Saturn in First House signfies a very troublesome life and marriage. 

     Its not that gloomy a picture cause Rahu is an expert magician and illusion artist. Rahu in First House gifts person with ability to think out-of-box. Rahu's methods maybe illegal and unethical but results are quite profitable. With Rahu in First House a native is able to think like a visionary. Native is able to earn a fortune from a revolutionary idea. Natives with Rahu in First House can put on a show which very few others can do. They are easily able to win trusts of people with their charm and illusion powers. This in turn can earn them a fortune. 

     Rahu's association with Sun in First House could cause mental diseases and bad decisions which could lead to financial and personal losses.

     Rahu with Moon in First House generally leads to mental diseases as well as troubles in personal life.

     Rahu with Mars in First House leads to anger problems and generally the first marriage presents a challenge.

     Rahu with Mercury in First house can lead to neurological disorders in old age. But overall Rahu and Mercury in First House is not that bad if in good condition.

     Rahu with Jupiter in First House presents big problem as Jupiter hates Rahu. It causes Vipra Chandal Yoga. Still native sees success if he follows the long road to success as Jupiter is a natural benefic. If native plans shortcuts then there could be troubles.

     Rahu and Venus in First House is great for show-off but very bad for marriage. Marriage maybe to a foreigner or someone from other religion, community or those with values different from natives up-bringing.

     Rahu with Saturn in First House is hell on earth to be precise. The two baddest planet in First House means a life full of struggles and humiliations. It represents Shrapit Yoga of the highest order. Native must pray to Lord Shiva. As long as native prays to Lord Shiva he/she would be safe and most of major troubles would stay away from them. 

     Rahu in First House is bad for physical and mental health. But its great for those who don't mind taking shortcuts and fooling others. If a native believes that end justifies the means then Rahu is a blessing to have in First House. 

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