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     Rahu is smokey and mysterious trickster. Second House looks after family and savings. Rahu in Second House is great provided there is a friendly sign. In an enemy sign Rahu can cause issues with family. 

     Second House deals with family. In any family there are rules and norms which are to be followed by family members. Rahu was born to break rules and norms, not follow them. Naturally the native who is born with Rahu in Second House is a rebel many a times. He/She loves to do taboo activities and go against family traditions. Rahu is a trickster and great illusionist so native's taboo activities may go unnoticed by family members.

     On the bright side Rahu is brilliant for matters of savings. Rahu allows out of box thinking. With Rahu in Second House a native is blessed with abundant ideas to gather wealth in a lot of untraditional way. Rahu hates normal routine and always looks for unconventional ways to get things done. Natives with Rahu in Second House are more than likely to gather money through unconventional and untraditional means. Sometimes illegal and unethical but brilliant none the less. Second House deals with speech also. With Rahu in Second House native can sweet talk people into doing things which benefit the native. 

     The aspects of a malefic are the most troublesome. Rahu aspects the Sixth House, Eight House and Tenth House from its placement in Second House. Rahu creates lots of frenemies by his aspect on Sixth House. Natives need to be very careful what they share with their friends. Rahu also wipes out all or most of inheritance. In rare cases if its a friendly aspect  by Rahu than there can be sudden and unexpected inheritance. Rahu's worst aspect is on Tenth House. The boss and workplace are no fun. Its best that those with Rahu in Second House try business if there are little job growth possibility and bad bosses. 

     Rahu isn't bad in Second House. But aspects on Sixth House and Tenth House are what cause maximum damage. If things don't work out well in job sector its logical to switch to business. With Rahu in Second House native is blessed with out of box thinking which can find uncoventional ways to make money. There are chances of having friends who act as enemies behind back so its necessary not to share everything with friends.   

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