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     Rahu is the ultimate fraudster. Third House just so happens to be the house which rules communication, boardroom meetings and media. If Rahu is strong than one thing is certain that native is able to convince a lot of people into buying unwanted stuff.  A strong Rahu creates the ultimate marketing genius. 

     In modern world a good product doesn't always sell. But a product with good packaging and effective marketing sells like crazy. Rahu is all about fancy packing and brilliant marketing. Rahu in good condition in Third House means a native is able to convince and sell anything to his/her clients. In today's world its an asset that every major brand or company wishes to have in their employees. Naturally the pay package is handsome for native's abilities to convince clients. Rahu in bad condition could cause communication to go bad. In worst cases there could be neurological disorders also cause Third House also rules over neurological processes which are communication channels in our body. Bad Rahu in Third House makes it difficult for native to get his point across at work place, in an educational project and any place where communication is necessary. 

     Third House is also the House of Siblings. Third House also looks after neighbors. With Rahu in Third House its not always possible to have a great relationship with siblings and neighbors. Unless other planets help the relationship is barely on talking terms or inimical. Neighbors are generally unreliable and a bit of show-off. Its best not to spoil relationship with neighbors and siblings and try to remain as professional as possible when dealing with them. 

     Rahu's aspects are always troublesome. Rahu from Third House aspects the Seventh House, Ninth House and Eleventh House. Rahu's aspect on Seventh House generally causes troubles in married life. Either that or marriage can be late. Rahu is the significator of everything foreign. So its not far-fetched to think marriage would be to a foreigner or someone who follows different norms, culture or religion. Rahu's aspect on Ninth House is both good and bad. Its bad for spirituality but very good for foreign travels. If the aspect is strong then native can open and successfully run offshore businesses. Rahu's aspect on Eleventh House means income is not stable. Sometimes there can be heavy profits or great salary package while other times there maybe no income for months and years. 

     If there are issues with communication than one must fast on Wednesday cause that aids both Rahu and Mercury who rules communication. Try to eat Mung Bean(Vigna Radiata) every wednesday prefarably sprouted. It is full of proteins, aids neurological process and sharpens memory. Rahu has a habit of emotional outbursts from time to time. Sometimes Rahu in Third House causes emotions to burst out and spoil relationship with others. In such scenarios its better to cool down before communicating with others. 

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