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     Fourth House is the house of shelter. Fourth House also deals with mother, motherland, home, happiness, property, real estate, farming, transport and animal husbandry. Fourth House also rules over heart in the human body and deals with old age. Its safe to say Fourth House is the best house in the entire chart. A good Fourth House means good house, luxury cars and abundant happiness in life. Naturally a malefic like Rahu is ill-suited in the house of happiness. 

     Moon is the natural lord of Fourth House. Rahu and Moon consider each other as enemies. Rahu loves everything foreign and exotic and hates the idea of home, shelter and homeland. Natives with Rahu in Fourth House are more likely to settle in foreign lands. Problem with Rahu in Fourth House is that Ketu would be in Tenth House of career and aspected by Rahu. Both home and career would suffer due to this unfortunate scenario. Relationship with mother and father can also suffer due to Rahu in Fourth House and Ketu in Tenth House. Rahu creates a foreigner of sort who cannot get on well with family members at home or with colleagues at workplace. Rahu is essentially a malefic so happiness factor in life is also somewhat missing. Boss could be troublesome in some scenarios and so could the in-laws especially father-in-law. Those with Rahu in Fourth House are advised not to buy property in their names. They should buy it in name of their spouse, their children or their parents name whomsoever has a better Fourth House but they are advised to keep property papers with themselves at all cost. 

      Rahu's aspects are far worse than placement. Rahu aspects the Eight House of inheritance and taxation, the Tenth House of career and prestige and Twelfth House of losses and bedroom pleasures from his placement in Fourth House. Eight House aspect if good provides sudden and unexpected inheritance. Bad aspect of Rahu on Eight House would mean raids by income tax officials and native losing all or most of his/her inheritance in court cases. Aspect on Tenth House generally signifies bad bosses and frictions with father especially if Tenth House has enemy sign or planets. Career prestige is generally low and native has to work very had to achieve fame and success in life. 

     Twelfth House aspect is good for those who wish to migrate and settle abroad. But its bad for marriage. Marriage can be late many times especially if other malefics like Sun, Mars and Saturn also influence the Twelfth House. Twelfth House rules over bedroom pleasures and physical intimacy. With Rahu's troublesome aspect both of them could be less or missing in married life. In such cases its advised that natives travel abroad to exotic location to revive romance and intimacy in their married life. 

     Rahu isn't comfortable in Fourth House. Rahu loves everything foreign and exotic and doesn't feel comfortable in the shelter of home, mother and motherland. Rahu loves exploring new places and interacting with new people. If horoscope and other planets favor its better for those with Rahu in Fourth House to live and settle in foreign lands. Fourth House also deals with old age so those with Rahu in Fourth House should take care of health and wealth after they reach their fifties. 


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