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     Fifth House is the house of romance, intelligence and popularity. It also happens to be the house which deals with gambling and stock markets. Over and above Fifth House deals with politics, progeny, theatre, arts, music, movies and concerts. Rahu loves fame and power, loves easy money and loves to act smart. In modern day context its quite a boon to have Rahu in Fifth House cause today the ends justify the means. 

     Jupiter is the natural lord of Fifth House. Jupiter hates Rahu cause Rahu always looks for shortcuts. Still Rahu feels comfortable in Fifth House cause most of the portfolios of Fifth House are expertise of Rahu. Rahu is a fraud and quite an intelligent fraud at that. Rahu in Fifth House for a native means he/she can earn a fortune from gambling or trying a shortcut to life. They are blessed with out-of-box thinking which allows them to become filthy rich in no time. The problem always starts when they become too greedy and bet everything they have on a single bet. Genuine advise for them is to practise restraint as well as don't bet all their money in a single stock or risky bet. Rahu provides ample opportunities for them to earn easy money. The only thing they need to do is have patience, not become too greedy and wait for good opportunities that Rahu provides to earn money. Rahu can provide an excellent career in theatre, arts or entertainment industry. If other planets favor than Rahu in Fifth House also allows a native to be a politician. 

    Fifth House deals with romance and while Rahu excels at romance the end result isn't always a happy ending. Rahu is a poser and for few years it does show love and romance but chances are things might go wrong with love interest after marriage or there could be break-ups before marriage from love interest. Rahu in Fifth House often means either native breaks hearts of others or gets his/her heart broken after getting too involved in a relationship. It can happen after marriage also. Relationship with children could be bad and often children are cause of tension and worry for native. 

     The aspects of Rahu are the most troubling. Rahu aspects the Ninth House, Eleventh House and First House from its placement in Fifth House. Rahu's aspect on Ninth House gives long distance travels and makes one too religious or probably an atheist. Views on religion are often fudged. Rahu's aspect on Eleventh House means income isn't regular but if there is friendly sign than native can earn via unusual means. Rahu's aspect on First House is the worst and causes mental disorders. Often native talks and acts incoherent, has multiple personality disorders and has changeable views. Its hard to judge or trust such a native.

     With Rahu in Fifth House there are ample opportunities to earn easy money. Native must learn to control greed and wait for opportunities provided by Rahu to earn decent income. If things don't go as planned in love life than native must learn to accept it as fate and try to move forward. Rahu causes tensions and worries so its necessary to do pranayam regularly. Rahu in Fifth House can give negative publicity and bad reputation so its necessary to avoid illegal activities at all cost. Rahu's aspect on First House effects the neurological thought process the most so its necessary to eat foods like Mung Bean(Vigna Radiata) to help fight neurological disorders.   

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