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     Sixth House is the house of enemies, debts and disease. Rahu is smokey, mysterious, an illusionist and a trickster. With Rahu in Sixth House native has many frenemies as well as enemies who play mind games with the native. If Moon and Sun aren't strong than native could have a lot of troubles via enemy. 

     Sixth House rules over diseases. Rahu is mysterious and is known to cause diseases which cannot be diagnosed as easily. Results are many medical tests and expensive treatments which affect both health and savings. Rahu clouds the mind and rational thinking capacity of the brain. Natives with Rahu in Sixth House often take risky gambles with finances. They put all their hard-earned money on some risky bet or fradulent scheme and lose their hard-earned money. When they do regain their senses its already too late and they are neck-deep in debt and despair. Those with Rahu in Sixth House are advised not to put all their eggs in one basket. Or in simple words they should invest their money in a lot of different places so they don't risk losing all their money in one-go. 

     Sixth House is also the service house. Rahu hates daily chores and always looks for smart ways to earn money. With Rahu in Sixth House the native may earn via unusual means. Some of them could be illegal and unethical. But for Rahu the ends justify the means. Rahu doesn't care about good or bad. Rahu only thinks in terms of profit and ease of doing a task. In rare cases some natives are also involved in horrific crimes like sex trafficking or drug racketeering. Its always necessary for those with Rahu in Sixth House to draw a line when doing any work. Any work which involves easy money but causes harm to others should be rejected without a single regret. Cause results in long run would be disastrous from those jobs. 

     The aspects of malefics like Rahu always spell trouble. Rahu aspects the Tenth House of career. Boss can be troublesome and quite difficult to work with. Work would involve doing odd jobs and task which are outside the job description and expertise of the native. Still if Tenth House has strength then there are chances of a career in politics. Rahu's aspect on Twelfth House of losses can be troublesome. As explained above there are chances of heavy financial losses. But on the bright side there are chances to travel and settle abroad in an exotic foreign country. Rahu's aspect on Second House is the most troublesome. There are feuds with family members and financial losses possible. If Second House has strength than native can gather good amount of savings via risky bets but is advised not to bet all money on those bets. 

     Rahu isn't bad in Sixth House. There are health troubles to deal with for sure but other things are in hands of natives. Native just need to make sure he/she doesn't do risky investment and isn't involved in jobs which hurt and harm others. There are enough chances to earn easy money via using one's brain. Also there is a chance to be active in politics and taste power. Native may have several friends who act as enemies behind their back so its necessary not to share all information with friends and well-wishers. 

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