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     Seventh House is the house of marriage, business alliance and legal contracts. Rahu loves taboo activities and hates staying committed. Rahu also loves to bend the rules so business agreements and legal contracts are nothing more than false promises and pieces of paper for Rahu. Naturally Rahu isn't suited in Seventh House. 

     Venus is the natural lord of Seventh House. Like Venus, Rahu also craves for the exotic and sensual lifestyle. But in the end Rahu is just a poser. Venus may have its downside like excessive cravings for sex, drugs, alcohol and sweets. But Venus is still a natural benefic. Venus alone would never, ever think of cheating in marriage, leaving business alliances or breaking legal contracts. Venus loves social confirmity more than anything. But Rahu loves to bend the rules. Rahu wouldn't think twice before cheating in marriage, wouldn't hesitate to leave the business partner during their troubled times and would break legal contracts as and when he pleases. This is why Rahu in Seventh House is so dangerous. 

     Natives with Rahu in Seventh House have a partner who is an extrovert and quite moody. Marriage partner isn't the type to take marriage vows seriously. More often then not they live in a fantasy world of a perfect marriage and hate it when things get tough in married life. But its not always that bad. Rahu in Seventh House means Ketu is in First House. That means native whether a male or female is a practical bore. Partners are the fun loving and socializing type. They bring color, joy and fun in marriage life. 

     Business is favorable provided its related to pharmacy, occult studies, medical equipments, politics or entertainment. But its advised not to pursue business partnerships as there are chances of things going bad later. There can be legal troubles and natives are advised to opt for an out-of-court settlements if possible. The biggest drawback of Rahu in Seventh House is divorce. With Rahu in Seventh House it becomes necessary to learn to adjust with the shortcomings of partner and compromise in certain scenarios where there are ideological differences. If both partners are egoistic than divorce is more than likely. 

     Rahu's aspect most of the times cause troubles. Rahu aspects the Eleventh House, First House and Third House from its placement in Seventh House. Income maybe irregular but if the horoscope sign is supportive than there are chances of unexpected and huge profits from time to time. Aspect on First House is by far the worst. Rahu causes mental diseases and often clouds the mind. Native is unable to think clearly and rationally. Its very necessary to do pranayam especially brahmari and anulom vilom. Aspect on Third House can cause indifferences with siblings and neighbors. Either that or siblings and neighbors could be a bunch of show-offs. In some cases there can be property fights for inhertiance with siblings. 

     Rahu in Seventh House is not an ideal scenario especially for marriage. A little care, understanding and empathy is required for marriage to sustain. Also bad is business partnerships. Solo business is favorable and there are chances of unexpected and abundant profits from business. Yoga and pranayam are required to keep a clear mind. Rahu aspect on First House clouds the mind so its necessary to consult a few well-wishers before undertaking any risky task or business venture. Some care is advised when dealing with neighbors and siblings. 

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