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     Eight House is the house of transformation, of death, divorce and despair. Saturn is the natural lord of Eight House. Rahu and Saturn don't get along well. But they do have a few things in common. Rahu along with Saturn is an agent of change and an excellent karma balancer. Rahu in Eight House can bring about great spiritual transformation via inducing pain and agony. But humans are attached to wordly desires and such tragedies in life are generally unwelcomed by them. 

     Eight house rules over death. If there is Rahu in Eight House and if there is any association between Eight House and Twelfth House than chances of quick, instantaneous and untimely death rise drastically. Its absolutely necessary to pray to Lord Shiva who is also called Mahakaal(lord of death and time). Westerners can pray to Hades or Osiris. Other things require common sense like avoiding overspeeding of vehicles, handling sharp objects with care, being careful around fire and flammable objects and not doing any risky stunts which present danger to life.  

     Eight House also rules over court cases. Rahu isn't good for court cases and losses are likely outcome unless ofcourse Rahu is in a friendly sign and associated with benefics. If Rahu is supportive than native can earn a huge fortune via inheritance or alimony. Relationship with in-laws after marriage is generally problematic. In-laws could be different from native's way of life and upbringing and it would be hard for native to tolerate and maintain composure around in-laws. Eight House also rules taxation. With Rahu there are chances of tax-troubles especially if lord of Eight House is weak.

     Eight House is also the house of hidden knowledge and mysticism. Rahu is a master mystic and loves exploring the unknown. A person can be an excellent astrologer, hypnotist or even a con-artist who fools customers using deceit and hypnotism. Rahu's aspect on Second House allowes native to gather huge amount of savings via doing unethical and many times illegal activities. Rahu's aspect on Twelfth House is by far the worst. It causes personal as well as financial losses. On the bright side there are chances of foreign travels and settlement in foreign lands. Rahu's aspect on Fourth House is bad for land dealings. Family and home life is full of struggles and frictions. 

     Rahu is bad in Eight House. There can be personal as well as financial losses. There are chances of early death. But on the bright side native can earn a fortune via learning the art of mysticism and hypnosis. There are possibilities of foreign travels and settlements for those who wish to live and settle abroad. There are chances of court cases and win or loss in court cases is often decided by strength of Rahu in Eight House. Native must avoid risky tasks which present a danger to life. Also if possible one must pray to Lord Shiva and recite the Shiv Mahimna Stotram and Shiv Tandam Stotram as both are known to avert untimely death.     

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