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     Ninth House is the house of religion, family legacy and higher learning. Jupiter is the natural lord of Ninth House. Jupiter hates Rahu. Rahu in Ninth House is a troublesome scenario. Not just the placement but also the aspects of Rahu cause a lot of troubles for the native. 

     Ninth House rules over religion. Rahu and religion are like north pole and south pole. They can never match. But many religious heads, spiritual gurus and so-called holy saints have Rahu in Ninth House. Reason is Rahu is a poser and an illusionist. Rahu can use deceit and illusion to fool gullible people into believing that the concerned person is a holy soul. It all works well for certain time but the mask does fall off one day. Law of Karma catches up and most of these con-artists who fool innocent people in name of religion see shoes, tomatoes and eggs flying in their direction sooner or later. 

     Ninth House rules over higher learning like Masters and Post Grad. Degrees in higher learning may require a lot more effort unless other planets help. Ninth House also rules over long distance travels. Rahu is a foreigner so long distance travels are almost a guarantee. Strength of Rahu decides whether those travels would be beneficial or troublesome for individual. But there are enough chances provided by Rahu to go to foreign countries. Ninth House also rules over family legacy. Rahu hates social norms and would always look to break away from them. Family norms, rules, regulations and legacy are of no importance unless Rahu is placed in a conservative sign like Capricorn or Virgo or along with conservative planets like Saturn. 

     Rahu aspects the First House, Third House and Fifth House from Ninth House. Aspect on First House is by far the worst. Rahu effects the mind and thinking capacity of an individual. Rahu clouds the mind and often makes native take unnecessary risk. In some cases mental disease follow. Rahu also effects the nervous system to an extent and there can be communication issues within the communication channels of the body. Rahu's aspect on Third House hinders communication with others. It also causes frictions with neighbors and siblings. There can be fight with siblings over inheritance and family legacy. Rahu's aspect on Fifth House makes for a gambler. Native loves to take risky bets with money and many times loses a fortune. Its necessary to learn contentment in life and be satisfied with whatever life gives. 

     Rahu in Ninth House is not ideal. Not only that aspects are far more troublesome. For dealing with mental illness its necessary to do pranayam regularly and also try emptying mind of thoughts. Native must consume vigna radiata(mung beans) regularly in diet especially sprouted beans to aid nervous system. Native must control his/her greed and avoid placing all their money on risky bets. Finally native must try to remain cordial with siblings and neighbors to avoid troubles later. 


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