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     Today symptoms of early ageing are quite a common phenomenon. People in their early 20's and 30's show signs of grey hair and baldness. Women also show early signs of ageing like thinning of hair or wrinkle lines on face. Much of it is due to pollution, increase in stress and hectic life schedule. Unhealthy lifestyles and junk food are also equally responsible. But planets do take their share of blame. Saturn, Jupiter, Ketu and Pluto are primarily responsible for symptoms of early ageing. 

     Saturn is perhaps the biggest factor. Saturn is the grandpa among the planets. With Saturn in ascendant, Saturn influencing the ascendant lord or with Saturn influencing Moon via aspect or placement there are high chances that person may age a lot faster. One of the many reasons of baldness is thinning of hair which is expertise of Saturn. Saturn's placement contracts and thins down hair follicle whereby the native looks bald. If Saturn is influencing the First House than its necessary to apply hair oil regularly and castor oil atleast once a week at night. One must avoid keeping hair dry at all costs.

     Ketu is also associated with ageing to an extent. Ketu prefers spiritual connect and hates socializing. Ketu in ascendant is responsible for early signs of ageing and greying of hair. With Ketu in First House its possible that natives just don't like dying their hair. Anti-social behavior of Ketu hates social norms like color and dying of hair. Many natives who are proud of their grey hair like Mr. George Clooney have a possibility of having Ketu in ascendant. Good thing though is Rahu's aspect means they still appear attractive to others. 

     A strong Jupiter in ascendant or along with Moon makes a person beautiful. For example Ms. Katrina Kaif has Jupiter in Sagittarius Sign in ascendant. This produces Hansa Yoga which grants her beautiful looks and good wisdom. Problem starts when Jupiter is in a bad sign in ascendant along with bad planets. If you look at Mr. Barack Obama who is previous US President there is debilitated Jupiter in ascendant along with Saturn. Result is he aged quite a lot faster compared to his wife who still looks quite youthful. Pluto is also an old and cold planet and placement in ascendant or with Moon could mean you age early. 

     Any influence of strong Venus or Mercury on ascendant or Moon could mean person retains his youthful looks for quite a long time. A weak Mercury or Mercury associated with malefics means skin problems. Such natives should take care of their skin and avoid fried and oily foods. Also women with weak Mercury in horoscope should avoid using cosmetics and beauty products regularly on skin. If and when they use such beauty products they need to use toners and cleansers to totally remove all residue of make-up from their face.

For those who are ageing early they need to perform a few simple remedies: 

  1.  Add turmeric to your diet. Turmeric is the best known anti-ageing solution. A little turmeric with hot milk or even a little turmeric in your favorite vegetable or pasta dish would not only slow ageing of body but also of mind. Yes turmeric has been scientifically proven to prevent alzheimers. 
  2.  Add gooseberry(amla). oranges, lemons and other sources of Vitamin C to your diet. Vitamin C is known to help prevent ageing. 
  3. Avoid using soaps on face. A little warm water and lemon should remove all the dirts and impurities from face. Also beneficial are rose water, fuller's earth(multani mitti) and gram flour(besan)-turmeric paste. 
  4.  Use shampoes which are free from toxic chemicals. They might cost a little but better to pay for them than to pay for hair wigs and hair transplant surgery.
  5. Women who apply make-up must try to use toners and cleansers at night to remove toxic chemicals from make-up which can harm the skin. 
  6. Women should try to use minimum make-up and make sure those products don't contain substances which can harm the skin. 
  7. Stop eating oily, fat-fried foods if your Saturn and Jupiter are bothersome. Oil production by overactive sebaceous glands are also one of the reasons for hair loss. 
  8.  Eat pulses and green leafy vegetables. They both help remove toxins and add proteins, purify blood as well as help radiate skin. 
  9.  Do Surya Namaskar. Its the best exercise for healthy skin and body.  It is known to stop ageing early. 

     There maybe many other remedies which maybe available on health bulletins, video-sharing and social networking websites. Point is don't dwell on astrology to cure your health problems. Astrology is limited to predicting. If you want to cure your health problems than always take help of doctors, consume proper diets and regularly intake medicines. 

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