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     Mouth Cancer is quite common in those who chew tobacco and tobacco products. Every product of tobacco has a horrible, disgusting photo and a warning sign that warns that chewing of tobacco causes cancer. But most people ignore the warning. Astrology can predict chances of a person having addiction to tobacco and tobacco products and also his/her chances of getting mouth cancer. Just two house need to be analyzed for it. 

      Sixth House is the house of addictions. If you analyze the Sixth House you would find the addiction that the person is most likely to engage in. Venus in Sixth House means person is addicted to sweets, drugs and sex. Jupiter in Sixth House means person is addicted to binge eating of unhealthy products like pizza and other fatty foods. Generally malefic planets like Rahu, Mars or Saturn in Sixth House lead to addiction to tobacco and tobacco products. Even aspect of malefic planets on Sixth House would mean addiction to tobacco. 

     But Sixth House is not enough to judge mouth cancer. Second House rules over mouth, tongue and neck region. Any connection between Second House and Sixth House would mean chances of getting a disease related to mouth, tongue or neck region. If the person is a tobacco addict than there are high chances of him getting mouth cancer due to association of Second House and Sixth House in the horoscope. Maleficts influence on Sixth House as well as Second House also show chances of getting mouth cancer. 

     Kicking the habit of chewing tobacco is quite hard. But so is living without a mouth and vocal cords. If you chew tobacco than you would get mouth cancer or cancer in vocal cords sooner or later irrelevant of whether there is any connection between Sixth House and Second House. A gochara transit or bad dasha period are enough to cause cancer if you are too addicted to chewing tobacco. 

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