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     Homosexuality is a subject that hasn't been covered in Vedic Astrology that much. There is not much data or research to go through when judging homosexuality in a chart. But in modern era homosexuality is no longer a crime. Today Westerners have legalized it while many forward thinking Indians have accepted that Section 377 should be abolished. This website is an Astrological Website so the Social and Legal implications are not covered or dwelled on. Our job as Astrologers is to research horoscope and come out with a pattern as to what combinations lead to gay relationships. 

 Role Of Mercury In Gay Relationship

      Mercury seems to be the catalyst who drives gay relationships. Of all the famous celebrities from LGBT Community most of them have Mercury with Ascendant Lord or Seventh House Lord which drives them towards homosexuality. Unfortunately there isn't much data to go on. There is only Moon Based horoscopes of famous celebrities from LGBT Community. But one pattern seems to be that Mercury is involved. 

Mercury and LGBT: What's The Connection?

     Mercury in Vedic Astrology is a prince. Mercury with Saturn are the two planets who are termed as eunuchs. Mercury is known as Prince and just like a Prince he likes to try out new things and is not afraid or bound by society norms. Saturn is also a eunuch but he is rigid and loves to follow society norms. Mercury on the other hand is chatty, expressive and more then likely to fall for same-sex relationship. 

Why not Venus and Rahu?

     Venus and Rahu both share Mercury's beliefs of trying the forebidden and trying experiments which lead to sensual and sexual gratification. But both of them seem to be driven by showoff and both hate to look bad in public eye. Venus and Rahu may try gay relationships but both are unlikely to make a native come out of closet as they seek society approval. Mercury on the other hand is not that interested in approval from society or peers. 

When do they Marry/Enter Relationship?

     Gay and Lesbian couples seek a union via Marriage or via live-in relationship. The circumstances for their union are not really different from those of heterosexual couples. Jupiter or Rahu placement or aspect on House of Marriage or the Vimshottari Dasha Period of Venus, Seventh House Lord or Ascendant Lord and so on are the driving factors the same as those for heterosexual couples. More on Favorable Time To Get Married in some future article. 

 Data and Horoscopes needed

     Ofcourse a few celebrity couples and horoscope are not enough to derive a pattern. Many horoscope charts and data from it need to be analyzed to get clear patterns and also get more information on those seeking gay union. If and when those are available a new article perhaps with much more clarity would be made available. 

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