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     Valentine's Day is the time when most couples and single's are struck by the cupid's arrows(Kaam Deva). It is fine for couples cause there is already that special someone in their life. But what about the singletons? Should they go with their hearts and propose on Valentines? As mentioned in article: Proposing Your Love it sometimes works out but sometimes it does not cause horoscope may not be favorable for romance. But even if horoscope is favorable for romance and love marriages it is not the best idea to propose on Valentine's. The reason is stars are not favorable for all during Valentine's. 

     Planetary Transits don't follow Gregorian Calendar. Neither does the Gregorian Calendar follow Planetary Transits. Perhaps the Vedic Calendar known as Vikram Samvat may provide some idea but it is still not accurate enough. So there is no point in proposing on Valentine's unless ofcourse you know that person is just as madly in love with you. In that case you would already be in a steady relationship. But for those whose love is one-way and are not too sure of the answer should definitely resist the idea of proposing on Valentines. 

     Valentine's Day is just another day in planetary transit chart. According to Vedic Astrology, chances of success in proposal goes sky high if Moon transits via the Rohini Nakshatra. Rohini Nakshatra(Constellation) is the nakshatra of love. It is lorded by Shree Krishna the god of Love(माधुर्य). While Lord Ram and Lord Shiva maybe ideal husbands Shree Krishna is the ideal lover. Not to mention Rohini Nakshtra is in Taurus Sign which is the exaltion sign of Moon. This is the best possible combination to send a marriage proposal to someone. 

     Another time is when Venus transits via Ascendant or Seventh House in the Ascendant Chart(D1 Chart). Even if Venus transit is via Ascendant or Seventh House counted from Moon then also chances of success go up. Venus is the planet which lords over romance and intimacy. At the end of the day one wants to see success in proposal and happiness in life. 

     Rohini Nakshatra, Venus in Ascendant or Seventh House in the Ascendant Chart or Moon Chart would make sure there are blessings from the Love Gods(Kaam Deva). Ofcourse if horoscope is not favorable for romance and intimacy then these favorable times cannot do anything. But chances are far better during these timings as compared to proposing during Valentine's. 

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