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     Proposing your feelings to your object of affection is a desire of most. Problem is not everyone can gather the courage to propose cause they fear a negative answer. This begs an important question. Should a person with genuine feeling actually propose to his object of affection or not? Astrology judges romance by the Fifth House. If the Fifth house is strong then a person can have good chance of a romantic life. If the Fifth house is bad then he/she would be lacking in the romance department. 

      But Fifth House is just part of the larger picture. There are planets and placements of those planets which also decide your romantic love life. If you have Mars+Venus in the same house then chances of having a romantic life increase. Such natives be it a male or female have many love affairs. Ofcourse they may also have such love affairs after marriage. This in turn ruins their happy marriage life. Those with Moon+Venus in same house especially friendly astrological sign have good romance. Their romance is based on admiration and generally ends up in marriage. Their married life is happy as well. Those with Moon+Venus are like two Swans who can't live without each other. 

     Then there are those with Venus in Sixth House or Venus with Rahu, Mars, Sun, Saturn or Ketu. Venus is the planet of romance. Sixth House, Eight House and Twelfth House are called Dushamsthanas or extreme bad houses. Such natives fall in love frequently but their love is likely to show them despair only. Even if those with Venus in Dushamsthana propose they are likely to see dejection. Those who have Venus with malefic planets like Rahu, Mars, Sun, Saturn or Ketu may see romantic bliss for some time but later the opposite scenario seems to grow. 

    All said and done love is a wonderful feeling and no one should ever deny that natural feeling. Cultivating love for someone is far better then cultivating hate. Success or Failure in romance is in hands of fate. Those who are poor in the romance department should try strengthening the Fifth House and its lord. Also strengthening of Venus via various astrological remedies would help you get the desired love, affection and romance back in your life. 

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