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Love vs Lust

     The greatest challenge for any romantic couples is to survive the test of times. If the relationship is based on love, admiration and respect then it would survive and grow. But if it is based on lust, seeking perfection and showing off then it would fade and dissolve. There comes a time in all relationships when the faults and shortcomings of partners start to frustrate each other. At that point the relationship based on love and admiration is very likely to survive. Those based on wrong sense of perfection and seeking thrills would try an escape route.

     Astrology can be used to decipher the kind of relationship that one would have in his/her life. Venus, Mars and Rahu play a very important role in determining the type and duration of relationship that one might have.

Faithful Partners

     Planet which deals with romance, physical relationship and marriage is Venus. When Venus and Moon are involved then there is genuine love that would more then likely survive the test of times. Very rare cases exists where they do separate.

     Moon and Venus as co-tenants makes a native romantic and one who seeks a lifelong partnership. These partners remain inseparable throughout life. In very few cases they seek separation. If there is Venus-Moon as co-tenants in own sign or exalted signs and if they also happen to aspect the Moon or Venus of partner then it is truly a gift of Gods.

Flirty Partners

     Ofcourse there are flirts also who are quite romantic and easily make a fool out of gullible and unsuspecting partners. They are both males and females. In many cases they themselves are naive who fall in love at drop of hat. And after sometime the attraction disappears and they select the easy route of separation.

     Mars and Venus as co-tenants in a person's horoscope suggests that he/she is a flirt or to be more accurate a love struck individual. He/She does not know how to separate admiration from attraction. They just go blindly into a relationship thinking it is love and when they finally realize true nature of their feelings it is too late.

Cheaters and Cheated

     Then there are those who cheat or those who are cheated. Some do it for fun, others do it for money and worse some do it for gross crimes like conversion, sex-trafficking and blackmail. In these cases there is generally Rahu at work along with Venus, Mercury, Sun, Moon or Mars.

     Those who are cheated in relationship may have association of Rahu with Moon, Sun or Venus via placement or aspect. Sometimes the transit of Rahu makes them lose sense and fall for such fraudsters. Those who cheats are likely to have Rahu's association with Mars, Mercury or Venus to sweet talk into fooling unsuspecting love interest.

Fate Decides Romance and Marriage

     The bad news is that fate decides whether there would be genuine love, physical lust or cheating partners in your life. It is all your karma which would come back in one way or other. But good news is atleast you can know the likely outcome judging from your horoscope. You can take precautions if indeed there is a bad combination suggested in your horoscope and even prevent bad outcomes.

     As they say Prevention is better then Cure. Also it is not a bad idea to do background checks on your partner irrelevant of what horoscope suggests. You don't buy food or clothes without knowing or checking their quality so why select a partner without doing a background check on him/her. Love maybe blind but Relationships are the hard reality which would slap you on face if you are not careful enough.

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