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Seven Vows of Marriage


   Astrology like all subjects evolves and so does the understanding associated with it. At a certain point in time matching points of Constellations(Nakshatra Matching) was considered enough for Astrologer to give green light for marriage. Then came the Mangal Dosha, Intimacy via 12th House, Progeny via 5th House and other things which were considered important for Marriage. Truth of modern day is that there are more divorces even though much more factors are taken into considerations when matching horoscopes then earlier. This is not to blame the astrologer or the sparring couples but a harsh reality of Modern Times. 

   With observation there are always new findings and results which are unearthed. Over and above Nakshatra Matching, Mangal Dosha and other factors which are used for Marriage Matching there is also a need to check if their partner's Moon Sign is not Third Sign, Fourth Sign, Tenth Sign or Eleventh Sign from their own Moon Sign. For example: If the boy has Moon in Libra Sign then he should try his level best not to marry a girl who has Moon in Sagittarius Sign, Capricorn Sign, Cancer Sign or Leo Sign. Image below is for reference: 



   If the boy was born with Moon in Libra Sign then he has had a Sade-Sati running since September 8th 2009. So if the girl is from Sagittarius Sign then her Sade-Sati moves to the core stage around November 4th 2017 meaning there is still five years of hellish torture waiting for her. If the girl is from Capricorn Sign then results are far worse cause her Sade-Sati is just about to start when the boy's Sade-Sati finishes. Is the boy willing to take the risk of five to seven and half more years worth of torture? This is not meant to scare but a likely possibility which cannot be so easily over-looked. Similarly the boy with Moon in Libra Sign should also think before marrying a girl with Moon in Cancer Sign or Leo Sign. Cause after some years when Saturn finally moves into the Gemini Sign then the girl born in Cancer Sign would be under influence of Sade-Sati. By the time Saturn moves out of Leo Sign the girl's Sade-Sati might be over but for the boy it is just the start of nightmare. If girl is born in Leo Sign with boy being born in Libra Sign then they share one phase of Sade-Sati when Saturn transits the Virgo Sign and girl in addition has to wait for five more years when boy's Sade-Sati completes for troubled times to fully disappear. This troublesome point is gender neutral and the same rule applies for girl born in Libra Sign as well. For those born in other Moon Signs all they need to do is count the Third Sign, Fourth Sign, Tenth Sign or Eleventh Sign from their own Moon Sign and apply caution when marrying partners born in those Moon Signs.

   At the end of the day it is definitely not smart to reject a person based on impending or in some cases imaginative difficulties. But theories like Nakshatra Matching points, Mangal Dosha and others used to accept or reject a person are equally unfair. A person's worth should be decided by his/her character and his/her chemistry with the native. But modern day interpretation of Marriage is limited to happy and blissful life. The Marriage Vows are limited to sharing joys and comforts and when it comes to sharing pains and difficulties of partner most natives back out be it a boy or a girl.

   So this theory holds more true then options like Nakshatra Matching, Mangal Dosha and others combined. After all most natives want to be Happily Married. No one wishes to be see troubles in marital life and that too for long duration of time. Sade-Sati isn't likely to change its nature and some problems are expected in those seven or eight years of Sade-Sati. A few natives do get blissful marriage life in Sade-Sati but there ought to be some inconvenience owing to Sade-Sati which keeps them troubled.

   The theory derived is not to scare people or put a full-stop on potential partners who happen to have Moon Signs in above mentioned places. Remember one of the Marriage Vows is to share joys and sorrows and to grow together in strength. In a way difficulties test the resolve of couples to stay together via thick and thin of life. So just think of sustained troubles as testing phase and resolve to work together to come out of it.


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