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     Marriage is the most sought after question in Astrology. Everyone wishes to marry and lead a happy life. But marriage is controlled by fate. There are many people whose marriage does not happen at right age. They would be tensed if they would get a spouse and if that spouse would be as they desire. Many of them have to compromise and settle for less suitable candidates.  But there is a way round it. It is not that easy to accept and that is to marry a divorcee or a widow/widower.   

     Separation and Divorces are part and parcel of modern world. The seven rounds around holy fire or the wedding vows to share happiness and sorrows together and stay together through thick and thin of life doesn't mean Karma does not do its work. People may unite with the best intentions but Karma has its own plans. Separations happen to teach natives some or other lesson in life or that maybe Karma Balancing going on. Whatever the reason separation and divorces are the truth of life which people who pass through it must accept.

    Now the person who hasn't married tries seeking a suitable bride or groom who hasn't married and people who are divorcee or widow/widower try looking for similar profiles. It is a natural human instinct and there is nothing wrong with it. But what if one cannot find suitable candidate from the search criteria? That is the time to broaden the horizons and try and marry someone who maybe a divorcee or widow/widower. Similarly those who are divorcee or widow/widower need to look at candidates who maybe simple looking or earning less but good people who would stay with them through thick and thin of life. 

      According to prominent astrologer B. V. Raman those with Mercury and Saturn influencing the Seventh House via aspect or placement should try looking for partners who are divorced or seek a widow/widower's hand for marriage. The evils of Seventh House for them may become less troublesome via good karma garnered from supporting a divorcee or widow/widower. Ofcourse Astro Isha wants to make it clear that the final decision should be made by native himself/herself. Do not let Astrologers advise you what to do and what not to do in life. Our job is limited to telling what stars favor and do not favor. Karma has its own course and an Astrologer can only see what horoscope says. They cannot look into the future.  

     But the summary of article is when a suitable candidate cannot be found and if age is not on their side then first timers should try holding hand of a divorcee or a widow/widower. Similarly a divorcee or widow/widower should try and overlook some shortcomings like simple looks or less income if the partner is a good person who is unmarried. 



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