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     A strong Jupiter or strong Venus is a blessing to have in a horoscope. Jupiter is the planet which is associated with abundance, happiness, well being, kindness, generosity and spirituality. While Venus on the other hand is associated with romance, passion, perfumes, fashion and accessories, artistocracy and beauty. Both Venus and Jupiter are natural benefics. But which one can be considered a better planet depends on personal opinions. 

     A strong Venus is definitely far better for those who only care about sex, money, power and fame. Jupiter cannot match Venus from the materialistic perspective. Venus isn't all just about romance and showoff. It does have its good sides too. Venus blesses a person to be a doctor especially medical subjects that involve rejuvenation and transformation of body. Venus also makes a person an artist, a celebrity, a musician, an actor or even a model. Venus also gives a poised, articulate and polished speech. Not only that Venus also grants person with attractive looks. The most beautiful people on earth generally have Venus in a strong disposition. So there a lot of positives for those with strong Venus. 

     A strong Jupiter in the horoscope makes a person learned, spiritual, happy and content as well as be kind and considerate. Those with strong Jupiter generally have a set of loyal friends and huge social circle. They can get their work done with relative ease. Those with strong Jupiter can be lazy and a bit obese. Ofcourse mostly they look very attractive and are generally tall people with long and attractive looking faces. Jupiter makes a person a teacher, diplomat, a scholar or even a religious head. Jupiter is a naturally positive planet and people feel comfortable and happy in the company of those with strong Jupiter. Those with strong Jupiter in Ascendant are generally happy and successful in all their endeavors. Also they do not face major crisis in their life. So Jupiter also has its positives. 

    But all said and done Jupiter is the better planet even if Venus grants better materialistic lifestyle. Reason is simple: Jupiter is driven by Dharma(doing the right thing) while Venus is driven by Kama(engaging in lustful and sinful activities). In the end it is only Spirituality and Good Actions which can save a person and take him/her closer to the final goal of life that is Moksha. Venus gives great results as far as money and sex are concerned but in the end it is a horse without a lease. Sooner or later the person falls from grace by over-consumption and over-spending. Sooner or later the mask and charade of being articulate and having better tastes in life falls off cause it is a false narrative in the first place.

     Jupiter may never show you riches, power or luxury on the scale which Venus can provide. But it gives spirituality and good manners. It gives care and concern for others. It gives positivity and it also gives satisfaction. These all qualities prevent person from falling in times of adversities. In Sanskrit there is a saying that Dharmo Rakshati Rakshitah. One who tries to protect Dharma is protected by Dharma when adversity comes. Dharma here is doing the right thing and engaging in your duties dutifully. Jupiter by all means emerges victorious over Venus if overall well-being of a person is taken into account. 

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