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     Jupiter in First House is in the house of his friend Sun. It is said that a positive Jupiter in 1st House can negate all negative results of other planets in the horoscope. Jupiter is by far the best planet in Vedic Astrology. It is large hearted, magnanimous, full of wisdom and gives a calm, caring and patient personality. The only drawback is it also promotes obesity and gastric problems in some cases. 

     First House defines self. It decides your character, physical attributes and mental personality. Of course the placement of Sun and Moon also play an important role in deciding physical attributes and mental personality. But a broad outlook can be provided by First House. Jupiter in First House guarantees that a person is calm, sincere and forgiving. He has the patience and wisdom to overcome challenges and excel in his work. Jupiter placed in First House with planets like Mars, Sun or Moon who are is his friends only increases the good effects. With Saturn, Rahu, Ketu or Mercury the effects may differ and sometimes give some adverse affects. Native with Jupiter in First House has a clean image and unquestionable character. Also he is likely to have wisdom, intelligence and patience which attract others to him. 

    According to B. V. Raman those born with Jupiter in the First House have a magnetic personality, optimistic spirit, jovial nature and pleasant manners. They are blessed with good progeny. They are likely to be face eating disorder and have obesity. If with Rahu, they may commit sins, They are lawyers, writers, theologians, lecturers etc by profession. They may also be influential leader.

    Jupiter in First House is a blessing to have. The only downside of Jupiter in First House is that it promotes obesity and laziness. For obesity regular Surya Namaskar, Kapal Bhati, Jogging or Running or related exercises are a must. Native must not try to bulk up by going to gym or eating protein diets. In a bad period of Vimshottari Dasha it is likely to be converted into Fat. Also native should regularly pray to Lord Vishnu or one of his Avatar. He is the best god for those with Jupiter in First House. Especially the Rama Incarnation is said to be embodiment of everything that Jupiter in First House stands for.  

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