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     Second House is the House of Savings and Family. Jupiter is the planet associated with expansion and abundance. Jupiter in Second House in a friendly sign or with friendly planets all but ensures native has a huge, loving family as well as abundant savings. Second House is by far the best placement after Vishnu Sthanas and Laxmi Sthanas for Jupiter. 

     Jupiter in Second House guarantees healthy savings and loving family. Not only that the aspect on Career House boosts the career and chances of government job, job as lecturer, teacher, diplomat, trustee or related jobs rise dramatically. Native is respected, learned and honored in his career field. Native would be an articulate speaker and be able to provide sound advise to others. There are chances of a career in singing, via giving speeches in seminars or debates or any place where requires articulate and refined speech. If there are malefics with Jupiter or if aspects are very bad then and then only could native suffer from family problems and financial issues. 

     According to B. V. Raman person with Jupiter in Second House becomes a "Poet, Writer, Astrologer or even a Scientist. There are increased chance of success and such a person accumulates fortune, good wife and family surroundings. They generally avoid frictions and quarrels". 

     All in all Jupiter is a great placement in Second House. Only time it is bad is if too many malefics are co-tenants or aspect it. In case there are adverse affects then prayers to Lord Vishnu are the best. Some exercises especially Aerobics and Kapal Bhati are recommended to avoid weight issues. Also eating yellow lentils and sprouted beans are beneficial to avoid weight issues and improve voice and intelligence. 

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