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   Those who have come looking for a review/opinion on the beautiful movie "The Fault In Our Stars" sorry this post is not related to the movie. It is all about astrology. Sorry for the misleading title but it was necessary as many of astrologers and astrology followers try and find the faults in the stars so the above title. 

     When you visit your astrologer or learn a little bit of astrology you learn that certain planet is in bad condition or certain combination of planets is causing havoc in your life. What you are never told or probably never try to figure out is why that certain little combination arrived in your horoscope in the first place. Knowing Is Believing and Believing leads to Change. Planets were there rotating on a fixed axis much before you, astrology or for that matter of fact life on earth started. So how is that only you were given hell of a life by those devilish planets?

     When you get a Sade-Sati then there are high chances of divorce. Most astrologers know of this but what they never tell you is those Sade-Sati periods only remove things that cannot be sustained over a long period of time. Whether it is a business, your ego or your relationship. When you get a retrograde planet in your horoscope then there are good chances of having one half of your life different from other half. Say if you have Jupiter in a retrograde movement in ascendant then you are sure to have a miserable first half followed by a wonderful second half of life. When there is Moon-Mercury relationships especially in enemy signs then there are high chance for mental diseases. All these combinations can predict the adversities about to come in your life but they don't actually instigate those changes. It is your own karma that proves the catalyst for that change. Otherwise countless people with similar combinations don't get same effect as you do. 

     Few people are able to rise out of their own misfortunes. Yet the nature or higher being you may call as God is willing to give you infinite chances to improve. When you rise above your personal sorrows is the time you achieve true happiness. So the next time your marriage isn't happening don't go fasting for Twenty-One Tuesdays or Sixteen Mondays. Try holding hand of a widow/widower. The next time you want to earn a lot of money and don't get much of it, do check out the millions of people who work very hard and barely get wages to provide a day's food for their families. Don't blame the stars for your misfortune but also try not to blame yourself for it. Whatever happened cannot be undone, whatever would happen cannot be stopped and whatever is happening is for the betterment. Learn to accept this and no astrologer would be required.

     Astrologers are nothing but counselors who provide comfort and logical advise. The only difference is the couselor does it after assessing your mental condition while astrologer does it after assessing your mental condition as well as placement of stars in your horoscope. When there are good times you can assess your strengths and when there are bad times you learn about your limitations. Don't go being too conceited in good times and don't go being too depressed during the bad times. 


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