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No Planetary Association With Gems

   gemstonesGemstones are an important concept in Vedic Astrology. There is considerable difference of views among Astrologers about which gemstones a native must wear. Some astrologers are of the opinion that gemstones of planets which are weak in a horoscope should be wore to negate the ill-effects associated with those weak planets. Other astrologers surmise that gemstones of strong planets should be wore to improve the good effects associated with those planets.

   Now comes the strange part. Effects of gemstones are mentioned in Old Vedic Texts like the Garuda Purana and Brihat Samhita but association with planets was not done in any of them. Actually there does not exists any ancient texts which associates gemstones with planets. How that association came into being is anyone's guess.

General Misconceptions on Gemstones

   Drinking energy drinks does not make one a sportsperson. Buying expensive sports shoes do not make one an olympic sprinter. Applying fairness creams does not make one a movie star or celebrity. Similarly wearing gemstones does not make the problems go away.

   Some poor and troubled souls do expect their luck to change and change for better after wearing gemstones. Unfortunately for them that is not possible. Having said that many old and new Astrological Text as well as Old Vedic Texts swear by the power of gemstones to positively influence a person. This is the main point to note for those who have bought or planning to buy gemstones. According to the texts these gemstones affect the subconscious and channel positive thoughts and energy into a native.

Gemstones as Medicines

   In Ayurveda(Vedic Medicine) there is powdered version of gems known as Bhasma which is used for medical purpose. Due to shortage of data it would be impossible to come to conclusion about its effectiveness. But it is safe to assume that Ancient Indians used the bhasma(gemstone powder) for medicinal purpose and passed the legacy.

Pure Gemstones Only

   There are many alternate views on gemstones, its effect and also about its usage. But there is a general consensus that a gemstone which is processed is not fit to be wore and does not give any results. The gemstone can be cut and wore as a pendant or ring but it must not pass through any chemical process or any other refinement.

   When you buy gold it is generally not pure gold. There are other metals added to it to make it solid and give it shape. But a person wears those gold ornaments without any second thought. But when it comes to gemstones it needs to be ensured that they are not refined, some other metals are not added and they do not pass through any chemical process. Also the gemstone must be in contact with some part of body.

Choosing A Gemstones

   A lot of clients are confused about the right gemstones for them. They ask the astrologer to answer the question using Astrology. Some others wear the gemstones which their inspiration or favorite movie star wears. But the best person who can answer which gemstone is suitable for him or her is the native himself or herself. As explained earlier there was no association of gemstone with planets in earlier texts. And gemstones seem to affect the subconscious in a positive manner.

   So here's a simple trick: Most native have a favorite color. They tend to buy clothes and accessories associated with that color. They are comfortable wearing those color of clothes and buying those color of accessories. So why not buy a gemstone associated with that color? What is the harm in it? After all that color affects the native in a positive manner. So it is more then likely that gemstone of that color would affect the subconscious in a positive manner.

Buying Astrological Gemstone

   Ofcourse a lot of clients may not be comfortable with idea of buying an expensive gemstone based on gut feeling. Also most clients only buy gemstones out of hope that they may help lessen bad effects of planets or they help them get lucky. That is also fine as hope is involved in this process. Hope is the first step towards turning things around. So it is perfectly fine if a native seeks astrological advise for the right gemstone which helps lessen weak effects or help fetch good luck. But he or she must ensure that the gemstone is pure. Also there should be recitation of Vedic Mantras by client himself or by astrologer.

Faith Required For Gemstone To Be Effective

   A lot of clients are unsure if the gemstone would give them the desired results or not. When they are unsure it is best that they avoid buying gemstones. Gemstones work on subconscious and do not actually bring any luck or happiness themselves. A gemstone cannot be effective if there is no faith in their power much like it is with Mantra Remedy.


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