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      First House defines physical appearance as well as person's character. Venus is the planet of romance, luxuries and riches. As long as there are no malefics, Venus in First House gives a pleasing appearance, beautiful skin, romantic personality. Native loves luxurious items like perfumes, fashion and is fond of music and arts. If other planets are involved especially malefics like Saturn or Sun then results maybe altogether different. 

     Venus in First House gives a charming personality. They have a refined and articulate speech. They also possess a great fashion sense as well as aristocratic demeanor. Having said that there is a saying: All That Glitters Is Not Gold. Natives though refined and polished aren't the type to have genuine care or concern for others. They are most likely pampered. If its a female she is beautiful especially if there is a favorable sign. She has thousands of admirers, loved by everyone and able to achieve everything without much efforts. Even if its a male he would be good looking and have a charming personality with a great fashion sense. Female with Venus in First House are Fashionistas and could even make a debt to remain fashionable. But fortune does favor them and so its likely they receive rich parents as well as rich partner who satisfies all their wishes. 

     There are downsides also. Venus isn't interested in Spirituality and has no idea of word Limit. It loves to enjoy all the luxuries to maximum potential. That is why Venus is considered a Horse Without A Lease. Its not ideal in First House if other planets do not put a limit or restrictions on its over-spending and over-indulging. Having said that if some caution is observed then it might not turn that bad as Venus in Sixth House or Venus in Eight House or Venus in Twelfth House. Venus loves sweet food items so some care is require to keep diabetes away. Also if there are malefics associated then using protection is also essential when engaging with multiple partners to avoid catching venereal diseases. If there is a blood transfusion required natives must ensure blood is not contaminated. 

     There are positives also. Venus aspects the Seventh House meaning the Marriage House. Marriage Partner is beautiful/handsome depending on gender, romantic, articulate, rich and loves the native unconditionally. Also Venus provides favorable earnings in Business Partnerships especially Business related to Cosmetics, Music Industry, Fashion, Arts, Perfumes and other things which Venus represents. 

     All said and done Venus is still a great placement in the First House. If a person is over-indulgent then he/she must pray to Santoshi Maa. She is the daughter of Lord Ganesha and her name implies Satisfaction in Sanskrit. For others prayers to Goddess Laxmi or Lord Krishna would suffice. 

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