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     Second House is the House of Savings and Family. Venus is the significator of wealth, luxury and fame. Venus in Second House is one of the best placements for it even though Second House belongs to its arch enemy Jupiter. In some texts Venus is the natural lord of Second House. Venus at the end of day is all about show-off and splendor so Savings do get affected sometimes by over-spending but there would always be means to gather and earn more income. 

     Second House is the house which deals with Family. With Venus in Second House there are chances of getting a loving family as well as family being financially well placed. That is ofcourse if malefics don't influence. Second House also deals with Savings. Native would be rich and prestigious. But natives might also be spendthrift and unable to control their savings. But that does not mean they cannot afford various luxuries in life. They generally gain a lot of favors from others. Natives appear peace loving, are articulate in speech and possess a sweet voice as well as appear aristocratic. They can enjoy various kinds of food delicacies via blessings of Venus. Also they possess good appearance and especially sweet and enchanting voice. They may also be able to earn a great amount of money via their vocal talents especially if Venus happens to drive the Career House or Income House

     With Venus in Second House, natives are also blessed with a good marriage partner both male or female. Aspect on Eight House is great for inheritance as well as evading taxes. Native could find a lot of safe havens for storing excess amount of wealth. Another great factor is in-laws are rich, aristocrats and able to support native's extravagant lifestyle. There are downsides to Venus in Second House. If there are malefics placed with Venus in Second House or aspecting via placement from Eight House then there maybe little or no savings, bad rapport with family as well as rough voice. Worst of all there are chances of catching a venereal disease if there is association with malefics especially Mars or Mercury in bad condition.

      According to B. V. Raman those with Venus in the Second House have large family. They get huge financial favors from others. They can eat good and tasty delicacies as well as be sound by health and wealth. They are beautiful, skilful and pleasant and can get a good marriage partner. 

     As long as there are no malefic influence on it, Venus in Second House is a great placement. But in case there are malefics then prayers to Maa Santoshi are desirable. Also prayers to Lord Shiva would be helpful. When engaging in extra-marital affairs its best to use protection to avoid issues later. Also one should try to take singing lessons as there can be healthy income via singing talent. This holds especially true if Venus has association with Career House or Income House. 



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