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     Sun in the 8th House is in the house of his arch enemy Saturn. Sun is confident, enterprising, radiating, bright and cheerful which drives away gloominess. 8th House is essentially a Dushamsthana, a pitfall so to speak, the House of Death and Destruction but it is also the House of Secrets, House of Occult Knowledge, House of Longetivity and House of In-Laws. Sun provides mixed results in the 8th House. Both Confidence and Popularity are low unless there is a very powerful 5th House. But Longetivity of the native increases and there are less or no chances of untimely death.

     According to B. V. Raman, Sun in the 8th House gives longetivity provided it is in the exalted state. The native will be charming and eloquent speaker. But if there is an afflicted Sun in the 8th House then there could be sores in the face and head and be disgruntled in life. Essentially 8th House rules over butox, anus and lower parts of private organs. Sun is a fiery planet. And if Sun is combined with fiery sign and other fiery planets then rashes, haemorrhoids(piles) and other issues related to burning are often noticed on the private organs of the body. Sun is a born leader, one who leads from front, one who radiates and inspires others but in the 8th House which is like a pitfall its positives are of no use. 8th House is the house of Secrets, Occult Powers and Inheritance. Sun burns up almost all Inheritance. So those who have legal cases for Inheritance and Sun in 8th House are less likely to get large part of the Inheritance. 

     Sun gives a keen intellect. Provided it is in a good sign it gives great knowledge of Occult Matters and also a great Career in a place where Secrets are involved. Native can have an excellent career in the Income Tax Department cause 8th House signifies Taxation and Sun is the one who blesses natives with the Government Job. Also possible are Career in Astrology or Mystic Activities. Over and above work as Detective or a Government Spy are also possible due to Sun in 8th House. 

     All said and done, Sun is still uncomfortable in the 8th House. Native lacks confidence and will-power. He may be down and dejected many a times. The best bet would be to pray to Goddess Gayatri and sing the Gayatri Mantra as it improves concentration, will-power and confidence of the native. It is said there is no Mantra in Vedas as powerful as Gayatri Mantra and some do say it is hymn to all Adityas. Also twelve steps of Surya Namaskar may help get over depressed state which can happen often.

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