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     Sun in 9th House is in the house of his friend Jupiter. Sun does well in the 9th House provided there are no major afflictions. Sun is radiant, illuminating and elevates the soul to the Higher Conscious. 9th House is the House of Spiritual Divination, Higher Knowledge, Mysticism and Long Distance Travels. It is a great combination to have Sun in the 9th House if the goal is to achieve Spiritual Progress or for a Travelling Wanderer set out to unravel the Mysteries of Life and Search For Truth. 

      According to B. V. Raman, an afflicted Sun in the 9th House may turn a native to change his Religion, have hostile feelings towards his elders, father, gurus and atmosphere where he grew up. But if Sun is not afflicted then the native would be a dutiful son and would have high regards for his heritage. If Sun combines with Moon then there could be eye problems according to B. V. Raman. With Venus could give sickness. What has been observed is native is bereft of Patriarchal Inheritance. Sun is hot and fiery and can destroy all the matters related to the concerned house both good and bad. 9th House is the House of Fortune and Good Luck. So chances of a difficult life may increase especially if Sun is in a fiery sign along with malefics. Also native may have to travel a lot due to various circumstances. Having said that the primary job of Sun is illuminating the Soul. There is no better place then the 9th House which connects the person with his higher purpose in life. So Sun is great in it as long as it is in the good house. There are chances of fight with siblings as Sun aspects the 3rd House from his placement in the 9th House. 

     A travelling wanderer, one who takes a likening to mysticism, one who may despise his heritage and religious pratices along with disrespecting his forefathers and Teachers/Gurus won't be liked by one and all. As long as the native stays away from bashing and self loathing of heritage any road he takes to self realisation is more then welcome. The good thing about Vedic School Of Thoughts is it recognises there are more then one way to achieve higher conscious and get closer to The Absolute Truth aka Brahman aka God. Sun in 9th House may just be precipe to attain that. Having said that not everyone achieves Higher Conscious or Self Realization just by having Sun in 9th House. 

     Sun is good in the 9th House as long as there are no malefics associated with it. If there is a bad placement of Sun in 9th House and if the native has to wander aimlessly, often bashes his heritage and gets into arguments with father and gurus then he must try to go into abode of Lord Vishnu especially his avatar Lord Ram. Ram is the most ideal God for those with Sun in the 9th House. He had to wander for fourteen years, he faced adversities throughout his life and still maintained the highest decorum, he was obedient son and an obedient student. He preserved his great heritage, his forefather's legacy and still paved the way for an ideal role model for future generations to follow. 

     Following Lord Ram's Character and Integrity would enable those with Sun in 9th House to achieve success even with hardships in life. 


Raman, Bangalore Venkata. How to Judge a Horoscope. Delhi: Motilal Banarsidass, 2014. Print.


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