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     Sun is practically at home in the 10th House. Sun is considered a King among Nine Planets in Vedic Astrology. 10th House deals with Career and Reputation. It also signifies Father of the native. In a favorable placement, Sun could ensure that native becomes a great King, Politician, Administrator, CEO, Managing Director, Manager or one of the top level position in a given field. Sun is bright, charismatic, confident, industrious and cheerful. Career House(10th House) is possibly the best place for it as long as Sun is strong. 

     Ofcourse like with all malefics Sun is "Sthana Shubham Karot, Drishti Hani Karot". In simple words it does good to the place where it is placed but bad to the house where it aspects. Sun from 10th House aspects the 4th House which deals with home, happiness, heart, mother, motherland, old age, land property and other important portfolios. And all these important portfolios of the 4th House suffer due to Sun's malefic aspect. If there are malefics associated, placed or aspecting the 4th House then the situation only gets worse. There is a good chance that Old Age could provide some troubles.

     According to B. V. Raman: "Native with Sun in the 10th House is successful in all that he undertakes. He is strong and happy and has sons, vehicle, fame, intelligence, money and power. He could be employed in a Government Service". Sun in 10th House is also great for those who want a career in Agriculture and Farming especially for those who grow Grains, Pulses, Flour, Corn and Vegetables. Sun's placement in 10th House may provide some frictions with dad especially if native is a male. 

     Generally speaking Sun in 10th House is a great placement for it. Just in case there are malefics in 4th House or associated with Sun in 10th House the native should pray to Lord Ram. Traits of Lord Ram like kindness, benevolent and obedient nature, empathy for subjects are the qualities that successful natives with Sun in 10th House need to cultivate. Success always brings ego and during those times praying and implanting the qualities of Lord Rama would nullify the chances of bad karma born out of Ego and Apathy. 


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