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     Sun in the 11th House is in the House of his friend Jupiter. 11th House rules Regular Income, Social Circle, Friends and Monetary Gains. Sun is essentially a dazzler or one who is bright and cheerful. Naturally native with Sun in 11th House likes to be the center of attention. If Sun in strong then native is indeed the bright spark in the Friends and Extended Social Circle. 

     According to B. V. Raman: "Natives with Sun in the 11th House lives a long life and become wealthy. He would get royal and government favors and achieves success without much efforts. He would be wise, possess a keen intellect and also have high morals and principles in life". Sun  is essentially a malefic planet. Rule for Malefic is: Great where it is placed, Bad for places where it aspects. So Sun does good for matters related to the 11th House especially matters of Regular Income, Social Connection, Career Growth, Promotions and Gains as well as Elder Brothers. But the 5th House aspect may impact negatively on Progeny, Loss via Stock Markets or Gambling as well as possibility of getting negative fame may increase. There is a possibility that native is involved in humanitarian efforts. Sun promotes confidence and positive outlook and 11th House placement could result in financial gains via confident personality. It is great in places like Marketing, Management, MNC's, Government Jobs and anyplace where a hierarchy is present. On the downside if Sun is associated or aspected by malefics or placed in an enemy sign then troubles could brew especially in matters of Regular Income, Rapport with Friends, Social Circle as well as for Monetary Gains. 

     Generally speaking this is a great position for Sun but just in case it is weak via affliction or placement in bad sign it would be prudent to keep a low profile in the Friends and Extended Social Circle. Having a humanitarian and philantrophist approach would also help lessen adverse effects if any. Last but not least prayers to Lord Vishnu or Brihaspati who is the Guru of Devas may also help. 


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