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     Mercury does well in 2nd House and more so if the Astrological Sign is favorable. Mercury deals with Speech, Neurological Processeses and Cognitive Reasoning. It also deals with Mathematics, General and Factual Knowledge as well as IQ. 2nd House is the best placement for it apart from 10th House cause Mercury in 2nd house blesses the native with clear voice and speech. It also gives abundant wealth if it is associated with planets like Venus or Sun which navigate very close to Mercury.

     According to B.V. Raman, Mercury in 2nd House: "Makes a person religious and philosophical. Can earn good income through being a Lecturer, Handling Business and Commercial Ventures. Native is highly Intelligent and is eager to carry out charity work.". Many notable Singers have Venus or Mercury in 2nd House along with 11th House Lord. Sun+Mercury in 2nd House along with Leo Ascendant is quite likely to give fame and fortune via Singing. Mercury in 2nd House also increases chances of being an Investment Banker or Business Advisers. Not only that a Career as Mimicry Artist, Vocalist or any place where Use of Speech is required could get one decent savings. 

     Mercury's placement along with Ketu or Mars could give direct and rude speech. Such natives need to take utmost care not to spoil relationships via slip of tongue. Placements of planets like Jupiter, Venus or Sun are great along with Mercury in 2nd House and can help immensely in generating Savings via Speech and Intelligence. 

     Overall Mercury in 2nd House is a good placement. But in case there are Speech issues via debilitated or combust Mercury then native should try Yoga postures and Speech Therapy Training which help minimize effect. Those with fiery speech should control their Anger and keep their Tongue in check in order to avoid getting embarassed later. If there are skin problems near eyes and cheeks then natives should consume Turmeric in adequate quantity in the diet and eat Fruits rich in Vitamin C like Pineapple, Guava, Papaya, Kiwi, Lemons and Apples. Also native should regularly do Anulom Vilom and Kapal Bhati Pranayam to help achieve a Radiant Skin. Lord Vishnu is the ideal God for those with Mercury in 2nd House. Also prayers to Lord Ganesha or Lord Shiva helps keep Anger Issues in check. 


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