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     3rd House is the house of Communication. Mercury is the planet which rules Speech and Communication. Mercury provides mixed results in 3rd House. Mercury makes a native expressive, analytical, artistic and talkative. Such traits can work in their favor sometimes but there maybe times when such traits backfire. 

     According to B. V. Raman: "Natives with Mercury in 3rd House would do good deeds for the benefit of others. Their mind would be sharp and they would be fond of reading and gaining knowledge. They would be gain from business and have good number of siblings. They are liked by friends and relatives for their Independent Views. They use Tact and Diplomacy to solve problems at workplace and in general life. If afflicted then they may suffer from nervous breakdown". Mercury is great at Communication. But Communication isn't just about verbal exchange. In Modern Day it is about getting your point across in an effective way to Clients and Consumers. The same rule applies when dealing with Friends and Families. Those with Mercury in 3rd House have good Analytical Skills and Sharp Memory so they are bound to be successful but once in a while their Expressive and Talktative personality may get them in troubles. 

     Mercury rules the Nervous System. 3rd House controls the Nervous System which help relay message from brain to different parts of body. Having an afflicted Mercury in 3rd House is sure to cause some or other sort of Nervous Disorder. There could be Nervous Breakdown or some disorder which prevents relaying message to other parts of body. There are also possibilities of Speech Disorder or Communication Issues. In short a native has difficulties in getting the point across if Mercury is in bad condition in the 3rd House. Mercury in 3rd House with Sun gives best results followed by Mars and Jupiter. Mars may give some anger issues and angry speech. Mercury with Saturn in 3rd House may give a thoughtful and calculated approach to life but could affect Nervous System in Old Age. Same is case with Rahu or Ketu where there could be periods of Nervous Disorders. Mercury+Venus in 3rd House may give Fame but could also give small talk. Mercury with Moon is not ideal as Moon rules the Mind and some Mental Problems are quite likely to prop up due to it. 

     Mercury in 3rd House gives mixed results. For those with Career in Marketing, Sales and Communication may need to work on improving Communication, Expressiveness and other Speech related Skillsets. But in other Career Fields the use of Tact, Diplomacy and Silence would give better results. Natives should regularly consume Mung Beans(Vigna Radiata) as they are known to counter Neurological Disorders and Diseases especially if Mercury is in bad condition in 3rd House. Also natives should regularly exercise and do Yoga especially Anulom Vilom and Brahmari Pranayam which helps keep Mental Problems and Neurological Disorders in check. Natives should pray to Lord Ganesha or Lord Vishnu as both are Smart, Sweet Talking and Full Of Wisdom. Praying to Goddess Saraswati is also ideal as she is the Goddess of Speech and Education. 


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