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     Mercury in 5th House is great for Intelligence but not so good for Progeny. 5th House is the House of Intelligence, Progeny, Entertainment, Popularity, Stock Markets and Gambling. Mercury does well in this house especially in Modern Day Scenario when Intelligence is measured by ones efficiency in Facts Gathering and showing oneself in higher stead then the competition. 


     According to B. V. Raman: "Mercury in 5th House makes a native learned and happy. The person may become an Adviser or a Minister. He is highly intelligent and learned in factual recitation. He maybe inclined to seeking sexual pleasures which may harm his vitality". Mercury is a Eunuch or without gender. 5th House is the house of Progeny. This is the one house where placement along with Sun is not ideal. Sun burns down all the matters of the house to aid Self Realisation. There might be few or no children if Sun+Mercury are present. Although association with Sun provides Intelligence of the highest order and Popularity rivaling that of a Movie Star. Mercury with Moon would provide some differences with children but native is blessed with Intelligent and Beautiful children. Mercury along with Rahu, Ketu, Mars and Saturn proves devastating for Progeny and also may sometimes give Negative Publicity and Less Intelligence. Mercury with Jupiter in 5th House is perhaps better for Children and Intelligence. Sometimes there are chances of natives being a crook. Mercury+Venus in 5th House is great for Romantic Life but may not bode well for Marriage. Mercury+Venus may bless natives with more female offsprings.

     Mercury in 5th House is by no means bad if you discard Progeny. In Modern Day the person who can put the facts on the table and knows to get his point across is Successful. Mercury can give great Intelligence and along with planets like Jupiter or Sun may drive the native to be Street Smart and Diplomatic which can enhance chances of success. Mercury in 5th House provides a great Career as a Diplomat, in a Cabinet Ministry, via Stock Markets, in Media and Communication Sector and other professions where showing of Intelligence and Communicating are involved. 

     Mercury in 5th House is bad for Progeny. Mercury is also prone to show off and Intelligence is not something you want to show off to others. Prayers to Lord Ganesha are quite ideal and recommended especially if there are problems with Conceiving. 



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