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     6th House is the House of Enemies and of Service. Mercury placement is quite favorable in this house. Mercury is smart, talkative and favors reasoning and logic. 6th House is the House of Enemies, Wars and Competition. Mercury would rather try diplomatic and peaceful solution by discussing issues. This is the best placement of Mercury for Diplomats, Deal Brokers as well as Lawyers who need to break the ice and broker a solution. 


     According to B. V. Raman: "Mercury in the 6th House makes the native quarrelsome and a showoff. Yet he is respected and feared by enemies.  If afflicted with malefic planets there is every chance of having a nervous breakdown or mental troubles. This placement also makes a native lazy and somewhat harsh in speech". Mercury isn't likely to favor fist fights but in 6th House there are chances of arguments with others. That is why it is essential that natives choose a career which favors verbal arguments like Lawyer, TV Panelists or role as Crisis Negotiator. 6th House also rules debts and disease. Mercury is known to cause Nervous Disorders. There are chances of native having some mental illness, mental troubles or nervous breakdown once in a while. With Moon or Saturn as co-tenant it is all the more likely. 

     With planets like Sun or Mars native maybe argumentative but he can have a good career in Communication, Marketing, Management or Sports related fields. With Rahu or Ketu there maybe nervous breakdown once in a while. Mercury with Jupiter could be great for post of a Diplomat or Deal Broker but not so good for health as this may promote obesity. Mercury with Venus could promote lustful activities and there are chances of catching a venereal disease. Native could also be a drug addict or even addicted to Medical Pills. On the bright side native with Mercury+Venus in 6th House could have a decent career as a Dancer or a Musician. Mercury with Saturn could be great for service in Software Sector. Mercury with Moon is good for Jobs in Marketing and Communication Fields but bad for mental health. 

     Mercury generally is favorable in the 6th House. Those who have nervous disorders or mental troubles are advised to pray to Lord Vishnu or Lord Ganesha. Eating Mung Bean(Vigna Radiata) in abundant quantity helps keep nervous disorders and mental disease in check. If one is a non-veg then fish is more preferred compared to other forms of meat as it helps improve brain function. Regularly doing Anulom Vilom and Brahmari Pranayam also help cure mental disease. Jogging for about twenty to thirty minutes helps relieve stress and depression. These are things that natives with Mercury in 6th House should try regularly especially if they have nervous disorders. 


Raman, Bangalore Venkata. How to Judge a Horoscope. Delhi: Motilal Banarsidass, 2014. Print.

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