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   11th House is the house of Gains and Friendship. Mercury does well in this house provided it is in a good condition. Mercury is smart, tactical, loves to socialize and possesses a wide range of networking skills. 11th House deals with Socialisation and Networking. This makes this quite a favorable place for Mercury to reside. 


   According to B. V. Raman: "Natives with Mercury in 11th House are learned in many fields. They possess a keen and sharp intellect and have good number of faithful subordinates. They would be wealthy and happy. They can prosper in engineering ventures". Mercury rules over Communication. 11th House is where one builds his networking contacts which can help gain financially. Mercury excels in 11th House if in a strong condition. Native has many friends and great number of contacts. On the bad side, 11th House also deals with Income. If Mercury is in a bad condition in 11th House then native loses job frequently or there is no stability in Business. In short the native has infrequent pay cheques and financial stability would be missing for large parts of his life. 

   Mercury with Sun in 11th House would cause instability in Career and frequent job changes if in a bad condition. Mercury with Moon is far worse and can make a native lose job on frequent basis. In this case it would suit better to do a business although there would be some instability. Mercury with Mars in 11th house similarly gives instability and frictions with Boss or Customers who give the pay cheque. Mercury with Jupiter is somewhat better and there should be some stability owing to slow moving Jupiter. Mercury with Venus in 11th House would give financial irregularities and overspending. On the positive side there can be income from Arts or Music. Mercury with Saturn in 11th House provides a good career in Accounts or Software Development. But there could be losses via Stock Trading. Mercury with Rahu gives indifferences on few occassions with friends and networking contacts. Mercury with Ketu in 11th House is bad and it could slow down native's ability to build contacts. In most cases Mercury in 11th House provides opportunities for Stock Trading. Natives should keep a watchful eye on Markets and invest and there are possibilities of profits if there is logical investment. 

     Mercury in 11th House is a decent placement. Though there are periods of instability and financial crisis there are also chances of getting hefty profits from Stock Markets. There could also be gains via Friends and Social Contacts. To bring an end to instability in life native must pray to Ganesha or Hanuman. 

Raman, Bangalore Venkata. How to Judge a Horoscope. Delhi: Motilal Banarsidass, 2014. Print.

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