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   10th House belongs to Sun who is Mercury's friend and for Mercury it is the best placement in the horoscope. Mercury is Smart, Calculative, Analytical, Quick Thinker, Brilliant Speaker as well as a Scholar. All these qualities are great asset for a person's career especially in present day scenario. Placement of Mercury alone would limit the scope. Mercury would provide better results if even one strong planet is placed along with it.


   According to B. V. Raman: "Mercury in 10th House would make a native happy and straightforward person. Native would be a scholar who pursues education in different fields as well as be skilled in calculative works like Accounting, Astrology and Mathematics. He would be successful in all his undertakings". Mercury is classified as belonging to Business Community in Old Astrological Texts. 10th House rules over Career. So when Mercury is in 10th House chances of native engaging in Business rise dramatically. But Mercury also grants great roles in the Government Sector especially if it is alone, placed with Sun, Jupiter or Venus. Mercury may give roles as a Lecturer, Teacher, Accountant, in IRS(Income Tax), as a Minister, Diplomat, Farmer, Software Developer or related Fields and even in areas related to Communication and Electronic Messaging. 

     Mercury along with Sun in 10th House is the best placement especially if distance between Sun and Mercury is less then twelve degrees and in a favorable sign. This produces the best Budh-Aditya Yoga possible in a horoscope. Mercury along with Moon is better off doing business. There are some ups and downs possible in life due to this combination. Business related to Liquid Substances like Petroleum, Chemicals, Dyes etc is favorable. Mercury with Mars in 10th House gives a great career in Information Technology or as a Surgeon. Though there are chances of several job change until 28-32 years of age. Mercury with Jupiter in 10th House is great for role as lecturer or as a diplomat. It can also give roles as Translators in UN and other important World Orgs. Mercury with Venus may give rise to wonderful career in Cosmetics, Music, Arts, Jewelry or other business associated to Venus. Mercury with Rahu in 10th House could give rise to Politician. Though there are chances of native being a conman. Mercury+Ketu is not so ideal as both are polar opposites but chances of a career as doctor or spiritual guru is not ruled out. 

     Mercury in 10th House is generally good. There is a chance of instability in the earlier stages of Career. Also if Mercury is alone or in a bad condition then native may have frequent change of jobs. In this case native can either try entering Business or pray to Lord Hanuman for stability in Service Career.

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