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   9th House is the House of Dharma and is governed by Jupiter. Mercury placement provides mixed results but with Sun or Jupiter it may give more favorable results. Having said that Mercury in 9th House is great for higher studies or for doing business in foreign countries. 


   According to B. V. Raman: "Natives with Mercury in 9th House would acquire good education and wealth. They could also be Scholars in their fields. They would have a scientific mind. They may travel abroad for Seminars or Lectures. They would have cordial relationship with father". 9th House rules over Faith. Mercury depending on astrological sign and co-tenant can make a native quite rigid and one who follows all the customs and practices with full devotion. But sometimes Mercury keeps true to his nature and promotes Scientific and Rational Thinking. Such natives often question age-old traditions and customs if they don't find the logic relevant to current society. The ones who question everything are generally disliked but they are quite necessary cause change is essential with time.

   Mercury in 9th House is great for Education. Education which involves Logic, Analytical Skills, Scientific Rational and Reasoning are places where natives with Mercury in 9th House excel. Similarly Career as a Lecturer of one of the above mentioned subjects is also likely to fetch a healthy income. Mercury with Sun in 9th House would give a good career in a Government Job. Mercury with Moon in 9th House may make a native a successful businessman who travels to foreign shores frequently. Mercury with Mars in 9th House may provide a good career as Doctor or in Information Technology . Mercury with Jupiter is great for role as a lecturer but it can also give a ministerial role or work as a foreign diplomat or dignitary. Mercury with Venus could make one a Musician and one could frequently travel abroad for Foreign Concerts. Mercury with Saturn is great for roles in Software Development or Hardware Development. Mercury with Rahu may give mixed results. There could likely be Foreign Travels due to this combination. Mercury with Ketu is similar to Mercury with Mars and promotes Career as a Doctor.

   Mercury in 9th House is a decent placement. It gives good chance to visit foreign countries for Business related purpose. It can give good education which can fetch desired income and job. Just in case there are troubles natives are advised to pray to Lord Vishnu. Some natives with Mercury in 9th House are quite rigid and they are advised not to force their views on others. Similarly a few with Mercury in 9th House love Scientific Approach to life. But in matters of Faith, Science takes a back seat. Such natives with Scientific Approach should avoid making fun of those who follow native Traditions and Customs to avoid fights.

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