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     8th House is the house of death and hidden secrets. Mercury though smart and analytical is way too talkative and not the right planet to handle the portfolio's associated with 8th House. With planets like Sun or Jupiter it may provide good results but rest of the times it is better off away from 8th House.


     According to B. V. Raman: "Mercury in the 8th House blesses the native with fine speech and courteous demeanor along with Good Inheritance. Native is long lived, a scholar and earns well. There is likely chances of bad health and weak constitution." 8th House is the house of hidden secrets. Mercury is smart and posseses extra-ordinary analytical skills. The native maybe able to learn and decipher a lot of mysteries and secrets. That is why a career as a Detective, Scientists, Forensic Expert, Astrologer or as an Archeologists are suited. Mercury in 8th House can make an excellent Engineer and a Software Developer if Mercury is the lord of 10th House or 6th House or associated with those lords.

     Ideally Mercury is smart but there is a tendency to show off and blurt out often. Matters of 8th House are best left as a secret but Mercury often fails to realize this. Often there could be troubles if Secret Informaton or Hidden Knowledge is leaked. Natives with Mercury in 8th House should try their level best not to leak their knowledge or secrets to others. Mercury with Sun in 8th House is desirable but in a bad sign there could be digestion problems as well as piles. Mercury with Moon in 8th House is not good and may give Nervous Disorders and weak mind. Native should regularly eat Vigna Radiata(Mung Beans) to avoid mental troubles. Mercury with Mars in 8th House is very bad for health and gives digestion problems similar to Mercury with Sun but it could also give troubles with In-Laws and frequent fights. There is a chance of divorce and Spouse is more then likely to have a direct and rude speech. Mercury with Jupiter in 8th House gives digestive troubles but this association is not known to cause too much harm. Mercury with Venus in 8th House gives articulate, aristocrat and fashionable Spouse and In-laws. It is not great for Career and may give Venereal Diseases if native is not careful. Mercury with Ketu is similar to Mercury with Sun but there is also a chance of divorce and troubles with In-Laws so native should take care when dealing with In-Laws. Mercury with Rahu is not bad and may give good results. Mercury with Saturn is great until Old Age. In old age Mercury's association with Saturn in 8th House has been known to cause troubles. 

     Mercury in 8th House has its benefits as well as drawbacks. There is a weak constitution and regular exercise as well as Kapal Bhati Pranayam is essential. Yogas and Exercise which aid digestion should be done on regular basis. Foods such as Yogurt, Honey, Mung Beans, Sprouted Beans. Spinach, Apple and other foods should be consumed regularly to help keep digestive problems at bay. Also one must not do heavy workouts if it causes digestive problems. Natives should try to avoid talks associated with 8th House like Inheritance, Occult Knowledge, Taxation to avoid troubles later. Prayers to Lord Vishnua are best for natives with Mercury in 8th House. Additionally the Gayatri Mantra and prayers to Sun are also good for natives to help with health troubles. 

Raman, Bangalore Venkata. How to Judge a Horoscope. Delhi: Motilal Banarsidass, 2014. Print.

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