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What is Pushkala Yoga? How is it formed?

Pushkala Yoga is one of the yogas for wealth described in B V Raman's 300 Important Yogas. When lord of Lagna and Chandra are in the the same sign. The lord of the rashi where Chandra is located should be in a friendly sign or in a Vishnu Sthana (Kendra) and should aspect lagna. Also the lagna should have a strong planet in it.

As complicated as it sounds it is easy to simplify it using 3 basic rules

  1. Lagnesha (ruling planet of 1st house) and Chandra should be in the same sign
  2. The ruling planet of the rashi where Chandra is located should be in a friendly sign or in Kendra and should aspect the lagna. So if Chandra is located in Meena Rashi in 10th house then lord of Meena Rashi which is Guru should be located in 7th house and aspecting lagna.
  3. Last condition is the 1st house or lagna as it is called should have a very strong planet.

Examples of Pushkala Yoga

Results of Pushkala Yoga

Native is blessed with wealth and fame. He has a sweet speech. He is honoured by the government.

Considerations For Pushkala Yoga

All conditions are near impossible in a horoscope. But even if some of the rules comply in a horoscope it is a great thing to have. A strong planet in 1st house like exalted Guru could ward off all other problematic combinations in horoscope, an exalted Surya in 1st house could bless native with health and leadership qualities, an exalted Shani in 1st house produces a great leader while an exalted Mangal produces an achiever who is worshipped by masses. Chandra and Lagna in same sign suggests synchronization of mind, emotions and body.


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