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What is Mahabhagya Yoga? How is it formed?

Mahabhagya Yoga is one of the yogas described in B.V. Raman's 300 important combinations. When a male is born during daytime and if Lagna, Surya and Chandra all occupy an odd sign then the concerned male is said to have Mahabhagya Yoga. In case of a female the birth should be at night and lagna, Surya and Chandra should be in even sign.

To further simplify it if a native is male then he should check if his birth is during the daytime or nighttime. If it is during the daytime then check the placement of Lagna, Chandra and Surya. If all the three are in Mesha Rashi, Mithuna Rashi, Simha Rashi, Tula Rashi, Dhana Rashi or Kumbha Rashi then the concerned male native has Mahabhagya Yoga

In case of female native the birthtime must be at night. If that is the case then check the placement of Lagna, Chandra and Surya. If all the three are in Vrisabha Rashi, Karka Rashi, Kanya Rashi, Vrischika Rashi, Makara Rashi or Meena Rashi then the concerned female native has Mahabhagya Yoga.

Examples of Mahabhagya Yoga

Results of Mahabhagya Yoga

The Mahabhagya word itself means strong luck. The male born with this yoga will be bestowed with good character, liberal values and generous nature. He would be famous and a source of pleasure for others. He would live a long and happy life and also be equal to a ruler albeit not a King but rather one who has power, money and happiness in life just like a king.

A female native born with Mahabhagya Yoga would have a good character and conduct. She would also be blessed with healthy children who live a long life. Wealth and Success would kiss her feet. The ideal type of yoga for both male and females

This yoga is rare as there are lot of rules to consider in order for this yoga to occur. Also the placement of Chandra or Surya in Dushamsthanas or lord of lagna in a Dushamsthana or other similar bad placement is enough to negate or lessen its effect. Those born with this yoga are sure to have done a lot of good acts in previous lives for such comforts and luxuries in present life.


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