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     Rahu is about to enter Cancer Sign on 18th August 2017. Its gonna impact a lot of people on earth. So its important to know what Rahu is and what it stands for. Rahu is not a planet. It is a shadow planet. But in Vedic Astrology Rahu along with Ketu are considered planets albeit shadow planets. Well the imaginary line where Sun and Moon meet(shown in diagram below) are called Rahu and other is called Ketu. North Node is Rahu while South Node is Ketu. Rahu is a mystery to the very end. It can make a beggar out of a king. And make a king out of a beggar. Rahu is unpredictable, Rahu is spontaneous, Rahu is a poser but above all Rahu is an illusion. Rahu is considered smokey and foggy according to Old Astrological Texts. They don't even come close to describing Rahu cause in today's world everything is smokey, foggy and full of illusions. 

     Rahu was never the type to follow conventions, rules or society's norms. The fact of matter is its not possible for Rahu to follow them. It was created to bend the rules. Ketu on other hand was created to break the rules totally. Rahu can try to act normal and blend with the crowd. But inside its all about trying the forbidden. It loves sex, drugs, alcohol and other taboo activities. There is no boundary, no limit and no law which Rahu doesn't feel like crossing or breaking. It loves to try exotic and foreign items. As explained earlier Rahu is nothing but an illusion. But that's the one quality of Rahu which causes Raj Yoga. Rahu can be a deceitful poser. It can fool gullible people and make a fool out of them with its illusionary powers.

     Some of the biggest politicians in the World have Rahu in Tenth House and causing Raj Yoga. The 45th President of US Mr. Donald Trump has Rahu in 10th House. His Make America Great Again campaign has won the hearts and minds of majority of Americans even though most Pundits believe its a hogwash. Whether its practical or not remains to be seen. Yet he would most likely win re-elections in 2020 if astrological predictions are to be believed. Mahatma Gandhi had Rahu in Tenth House. He maybe an inspiration to many but his choices have impacted three nations namely India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. But Mahatma Gandhi was able to create an illusion that freedom can be obtained without bloodshed in a non-violent manner. At AstroIsha we are not interested in political controversy. Our job as astrologers is limited to predicting astrological probabilities and likelihood.

     Abraham Lincoln, Prince Charles, Late Princess Diana and countless other royalty and world leaders have Rahu in Tenth House. J. K. Rowling the successful author of Harry Potter Series has Rahu in Ninth House and aspecting the Third House of creative writing. Harry Potter became famous during the Rahu Mahadasha for her. Harry Potter Franchise was all about magic(illusion) and that is Rahu's forte. As long as Rahu is in Vishnu Sthanas or Laxmi Sthanas there is a strong probability that Rahu would be capable of causing Raj Yoga. All you need to do is work for what Rahu is famous for. And that is to create an illusion.

     Don't go forgetting that Karma would eventually catch up. So create an illusion but do try to help the society and its citizens via it. Rahu periods and Rahu in certain houses is great for career as actor, politician, fictional writer or spiritual guru. But its necessary not to fool people with your illusionary powers which those with strong Rahu are indeed capable of. Other then that Rahu can show you riches and fame via illusionary powers.

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